"Sate Sapi" that tempts appetite ... You want to taste?!

in #food2 years ago

Hello Stemians...Hello World...Hello Culinary mania ... there is certainly already know this food right? yes yes, this is called "Sate Sapi" and accompanied by "lontong" ... but unfortunately I did not spray the spice season on it ... enjoy



Salam jg....makasi sudah mampir bro...salam steemit sukses selalu

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great photo..

thanks for information about sate sapi @buzzenx
i like it.........
and I think a lot of people want to eat the sate
Salam Steemit Aceh @topansiagian

Ok thanks for your comment and vote...sukses selalu dan a lot of money flow to our pocket hehe

nnti bikin sate gajah aah biar mantap wkwkwk

Hahaha bisa aja mas...kalo sate itu cukup untuk satu kelurahan mas hehehe


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