I MADE A POKE BOWL TONIGHT #food #love #foodie #fruitandveggiemonday

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For those of you who dont know, i am a wife and mum of 4. The boys, including daddy are meat lovers pur sang, but our oldest, a daughter is vegetarian. So i cook different things for the family. Just like today .....


I decided to make a salmon pokebowl for her and myself. It was the first time so i didnt know what go expect, so i started a bit early so we could eat all together.


I made a mess but the end result was great for a photograph and blog and even better, it tasted very good. And our daughter was enthousiastic too, and in puber life thats not an every day happening hahaha


I made two bowls. Both with salmon, cucumber, lime, paprika, mango, avocado, rice with lemon grass , soy sauce, sesamoil, sesam seads and red onion.


This is a great dish if you want a day without meat, as I prefer some days. A Pokebowl is actually kinda like a sushi salad. The pokebowl has its origins in Hawaii. In Hawaiian, Poke means "cutting into slices / pieces."
I always thought it was about Pokemons. A pokebowl is a dish where finely sliced ​​(raw) fish and vegetables are central, just like in sushi. That is why you can compare a pokebowl with a bowl filled with all the ingredients that you normally make sushi or a sushi salad. I used what was in the fridge.

The basis of a pokebowl is often rice, but quinoa or noodles are also a good basis. On this bottom layer you place all the ingredients that you like next to each other. You can think of avocado, edamame beans, seaweed salad, carrot, lettuce, etc. Finally, add your favorite topping such as raw (whether or not marinated) salmon or tuna. Decorate the pokebowl with sauces as desired and for the crispy bite you can add fried onions. And remember it's a good option for a vegetarian daughter!


Yes its me in the blue and white dress ! I am the cook!
@lenaveganliving @plantstoplanks hope is a good entry !

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Looking delicious!

Goed gelukt he, en Renee vond het heerlijk ga er voor jou ook een maken ! Hoe bevalt het bos? Max gezien?

Hou ik je aan! Bos is zoals altijd heerlijk. En als traditie kijken wij hier ook F1. Was een toffe race!

Hou ik van je tegoed!

You should be proud! That is a beautiful bowl with all of those colors. That is a great way to feed all different preferences as you can add in or take out different things for each person. Pokebowls are quite the rage here right now, as well. Quite a few shops have popped up all around with all kinds of different options.

While it is a really lovely bowl packed with fruits and veggies, #fruitsandveggiesmonday official entries need to be completely vegan--so no fish or shellfish. I know fish/seafood is a really common one that I get asked if I eat often. In fact I got asked that on Saturday when I was leading a plant-based nutrition event. I told the gentleman it sounds funny, but I often tell people I don't eat anything with eyes (or in the case of dairy--anything excreted from something with eyes, haha). We appreciate you jumping in on the tag again, though, and hope to see more of your fruit and veggie-packed creations next round! :)


Every time I go over to Hawai’i, I go to “Da Poke Shack”. It’s so simple, yet so delicious!

Oh i wish i could go to Hawaï

There is something for everyone. I personally prefer the Big Island over all the rest. It's my tropical paradise.

I did not know that you are the mother of four! One is enough for me)))))))))

I should try this out... I've always seen these pokebowls around, but never bothered to try... But they look like a pretty good summer meal!,

Yummm... I'm not a shrimp person, but I'll take everything else! :)

The photos were so lovely! And it sounds tasty. Good recipe!

Oh ma gosh. What a combination of meals.

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  ·  21 days ago (edited)

Are there packed mom in market? 😊😅

A bowl like painting

Dress looks good on you 😊😅

Also using steemit with perfect blogging

Check out this movie if you like sci-fi:
I Am Mother

Haha, I thought it was about pokemon's too!!!
amazing job looking delicious. My mouth is literally wet right now reading your juicy blog! Thank you for the share, I am inspired now to make one similar:)

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Wow! can't wait to take a bite. How I wish I was there LOL! honestly I love cooking because cooking is my expertise. Later I will show my cooking time simple and affordable food recipes.

that looks absolutely delicious

Oh this looks delicious @brittanjosie. I just bought salmon yesterday, this may be one of my dishes, yum! It's hard to cook for different appetites, especially growing boys and girls :) Well done, mom! I think this one is a winner!!

I have never tried a poke bowl, but that looks so good

That looks like my kind of meal! I know that I will be trying that!

This looks delicious, although I don't really like raw fish, I think I would eat a good bowl of these!

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