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in food •  22 days ago

Hi Friends,

Today’s lunch is not winning any lunch awards:


Some days, you just need to eat through what you have so you are not wasteful, which is what is happening today. I received these turkey sticks over the holidays and figured I better eat them at some point. Today was the day. I thought a string cheese stick was a good pairing too.

At 50 calories per stick, they seem to be a healthier option than I normally eat for lunch. Too bad they were not “satisfying” enough for me – I felt the need to keep eating, so I ate some potato chips, therefore, the healthiness was then offset.

Oh well, I guess there is always dinner tonight to make up for my lousy meal…

Appreciate you coming by, and hopefully you ate better than I did today.


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Hello @brian.rrr don't forget to eat them quickly. I saw the expiration date.. It's expiring soon!

It seems to be little food for a man ... But good for sure your wife received you with a hearty and tasty meal ... Thank God today my food was very tasty !!

There is something they say about the good little. It looks like it was a tasty fast food, even if it has not won a prize!

Well I hope that although little has had a very rich flavor. Enjoy your meal!!