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This one is called Kongusu in Korean.

You may have only known Kimchi and Bulgogi in Korean foods so far. The representative foods are very good, but they are not the only good Korean foods. I hope you get closer to a variety of Korean foods with me. In that sense, I post a Korean noodle soup ' Noodles in Cold Soybean Soup'. Kongusu is one of the very good Korean common foods.  It's also my favorite summer soup. It's very easy to make it. On a sunny afternoon when the rain just stopped, I made a bowl of cool noodles.  

How to Make Soup Using Black Beans

Just soak black beans in clean water overnight and boil them with the water. When it is completely cooled, put the beans with water in a processor and process until almost smooth. It is good to squeeze once more with cloth. When it's done, place the soup in the fridge.

I mixed it with soybean soup. 

Somen noodles were boiled well and my cool lunch was ready. I washed the noodles with ice water. I put some cold noodles in the middle of bowl and poured the bean soup. I sprinkled sesame seeds with salt. 

Just simple but nutritious and so neat food. 

Kimchi is not an option. Fresh Kimchi should be placed with this soup. 



Let's begin. :)


I learned something new! I never knew that is how you do black beans. I will have to try that now. I am totally addicted to kimchi. I just got this jar from the store. BTW see your blog in the background ;)


Looks yummy. :) Hope you also like the cold somen noodle, black beans soup with kimchi. :D Thank you for sharing!! @old-guy-photos

Looks delicious! I love every soup so thanks for the recipe, @bontonstory !
Two day ago I watched on a tv a broadcast about Kimchi and how to prepare it. I've never eat Kimchi, but It seems to be very tasty!

There are various kimchi. If you don't like a spicy one, try some white-kimchi. It's very tasty. :) @silviabeneforti

@bontonstory your cold bean soup with noodles, Kongusu looked delicious and very refreshing on a hot day. I will have to try it! The other day I had somen noodle salad because it has been too hot to make anything. Can't wait for the summer to end! I love being introduced to the various Korean foods. It is always nice to experience new foods and flavors.

I hope all is well with you. Hopefully the days are getting better for outside activities. Keep up the great cooking. Enjoy the experience! :D

As I said before, your compliment and the nice comment give me a lot of power to make it better. :) I read your post about autism and I saw many autism titles. May I ask about why you are interested in autism? Is it just your study? :)
Thank you!

Hi @bontonstory. I'm writing for the Steemiteducation program so my research has been in areas of childhood neurological disorders to help parents and teachers understand the details of how children are affected by such debilitating disorders. Autism is such a big area because there are so many various types that it took me a lot of work to cover. I also did research in what new advances they are making. They discovered that Neuroplasticity enables the brain to create new circuits so that maybe we can help stroke patients, those with Parkinson's disease and other neuro related illnesses. I like to educate people about a lot of things.

I'm also passionate about illnesses of aging so people who grow older can prolong their energetic life and things that may impair their thinking. So I want to help people of all ages.

I was asked to write for the Steemiteducation so that is why all my articles are teaching articles. Thanks for asking! :D

I see. :) Thank you for the reply. I always think you have a good mind. People will know it through your blog. Keep working. :) @cabbagepatch

Wow this looks so yummy! And it's really different from anything I've tried before. Loved this :)

I forgot to add some cucumber. I usually add a half of cucumber. :) @natashahall

Nice tips, thanks for share 😊

Its Delicious! Great Post!! Upvote and Followed👍👍🙈