[EASY DAILY FOOD #84] Tuna Kimchi Stew / Food Story / Life Photography

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This one is called Tuna Kimchi Jigea in Korean.

People mostly like kimchi stew with pork, but I prefer tuna. I used a can of tuna and well-fermented kimchi. 

I added a Korean chili pepper, half of onion, some red pepper powder and one teaspoon of seafood ground. Kimchi already has a good taste and condiments inside, so it doesn't need to apply too much seasoning. 

Poured water just like cover the ingredients. Simmered over medium low heat at first and cooked over a low heat for about 5 more minutes after boiling. At the end, I put some spring onions.

The rain won't stop...:(

While I was staring out, the rice was done.  

Dinner is ready! 


Makanan kesukaanku ini, dari hidangan pertama sampai terkahir aku suka.

Terima kasih telah berbagi informasi dengan postingan sederhana anda....

Look so tasty and yummy 😋

Hmm Kimchi. Just making a new batch. Raining a lot here too these days! Enjoy the rest of the day ;)

Lol I'm sick of raining and the fickle weather now. n.n Take care!! @amy-goodrich

Beautiful presentation my good friend. Thank you for sharing.

You're welcome! :) Enjoy!!! :) @michaelstobiersk

Your stew looked delicious especially since it was raining so much. It seemed like it was coming down pretty hard. I like the rain but if it rains too much it can get a little depressing. Is this the rainy season for Korea? In Hawaii, we haven't been getting much rain, only sun shine and hot weather. We are looking forward to when the summer season ends. I enjoyed seeing your cooking and the end product. I hope you are doing well! :D

Thank you. :) The rainy season must end, but it rains again and again. The weather has changed. I think fall this year will come sooner. :) @cabbagepatch

I've never tried tuna with kimchi. It looks very good @bontonstory!

It's my favorite stew. :) @vermillionfox

Looks super yummy 😁🎵

bontonstory 😁🎵


This looks delicious and mouth watering, I am gonna try it for sure.

Hope you like it. :)

Yup dear, have you known the pain of an old man leaving his own home. I made a manipulation of it, I hope you will like it

I love kimchi! Thanks for sharing your soup recipe! I'm going to try making it sometime in the future :) upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you :) Hope you make the stew and like it. @omega-not

looks like delicious!!! Thanks for share ^_^

Love Kimchi, nice post. I followed you

Kimchi is my favorite dish, it's only available in Korea i guess, but i tired making it in India.

Hope you make it good. :)

Your post has made me hungry - I shouldn't have looked at the delicious pictures before lunchtime!!

Lol Thank you!!

I want to taste tuna kimchi jigea

oh wao awesome

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