Refreshing Green Smoothie Recipe!

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Hi Everyone,

I’m a massive green smoothie fan!

It’s such an amazing way to get a lot of nutrients in one serving… they’re super easy to make and pretty delicious too (at least I think so!)

Here’s one of my favorite recipes.

Blend the following in a high speed blender:

  • A generous serving of spinach
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • a quarter of a cucumber
  • half a lemon, peeled
  • half an apple
  • a few sprigs of parsley
  • a few sprigs of mint
  • half a cup of water

Steemit green smoothie ingredients.jpg

Once it’s all nice and smooth, add 4 cubes of ice and blend for about another 20 seconds.

Drink right away, store in a jar in the fridge for later, or in a thermos to take with you wherever you go!

xo Bonnie

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I think if i had that much healthy stuff in one glass it would shock my system!!


Haha yes if your system isn't used to greens like this I'd recommend just having a little bit to start! You get used to it though and it gives you a natural high!


Mrs. Goldmatters would be thanking you for trying to make me eat healthy if she knew about this!

Looks really delicious. Would love to try.
I will definitely have to try this smoothie, so thank you for sharing it.

Mmm. I love a good green smoothie.

I don't know about the taste of it but I can say that this recipe must be full of nutrition value. It should contain lots of vitamins and minerals.


Yes I think it's pretty jam-packed with nutrition for sure!