Roast vege wrap for life

in food •  2 years ago 


Knocked this up last week and i can tell you it was a taste sensation.
What i used-
1 wrap
40 grams of my home made onion, tomato paste, olive oil, garlic and herb sauce
15 grams of Fangs chilli sauce
crispy roasted potato cut thin
roasted sweet potato
roasted carrot
roast zucchini
melted tasty cheese, on the wrap
Kewpie mayo, a quick squiggle over.

Flavour explosion and very healthy, great energy foods and packed with nutrients and colours. The food combined with the chilli sauce creates a satisfying feeling and there is no craving for sweets after due to insulin being controlled. I made this for dinner but this could be made quick and easy anytime. The vege can be pre cooked and stored, the rest is just a throw together and heat. Easy for anyone.

                                                                             HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS ONE TOO
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