Argentina Kobe Beef New York Strip Steak

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One of the best New York Strips I've ever had and trust me that says a lot. Paired with a local Malbec blend and delicious mashed potatoes, garlic & mashroom, and grilled califolower.



You didn't articulate why it was the best. How was it the best? Is it because it was melt in your mouth? Was it because of the flavor? Was it because of both?

Also, what did the meal cost? I'm wondering how much the best costs. :)

Thanks for suggestions I literally only had a minute to post and almost didn't bother but I love steak and had to share. I'm hoping to do a big long blog about my travel and stay here in Argentina! One note on the cost it was 885$ Argentina Pacos for the steak itself and the meal was 2400 with that white salmon you see on the other plate and a cheese appetizer

That is one fine lookin New York Strip!

what shit post gets upvotes for no reason

relax guy

It was just a quick post , only had a second to do it and just wanted to share. Wasn't looking to offend anyone lol and it seems my followers liked it , however it didn't make any $ so why are you so upset?? Anyway I'm off again to do some more exploring