China Town Streetfood, Bangkok, Thailand

in food •  2 years ago

China Town is a place in Bangkok full of chinese shops and decent street food. Almost with every step you can find something good there.

So we choose a spot full of tourists near 7-eleven shop to buy beer when needed.

Fire on the spot looked amazing.

I have got crab in pepper sauce.

My wife took shrimps in curry

Chang Beer and Rice Bowl to this

When you go to Bangkok be sure to check China Town, amazing food and great things to buy there - souvenirs and such.

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Woah that looks wild! I've always been afraid to go to thailand.. Maybe I could handle the chinatown lol



Alco + chinatown + restaurants (not street food) and will be allright :)

I bet the smells around there are amazing! We have a restaurant that opened here in Jacksonville, Fl that is called "Hawkers" that is the name giving to the street vendors selling their culinary delights. The owners spent time traveling to all parts of Asia to bring these flavors here to the states and be authentic as possible. Some of the recipes they prepare go back generations. This type of food is my absolute favorite. Awesome post!


Get a post about it man, i want to see it :)

Amazing Pictures. My Mouth is Watering @bigdaddy
I've had some Great Street Food when I lived in Korea and Japan. I think I will have to add Thailand to my future visits...


Japan i have been too, Korea not yet but i bet its delicious :)

Wow the food looks amazing. I just did a post on China town in NYC! Resteemed and followed :)

I would consider marriage to a Thai woman if she cooked for me like that.


good idea....hahahaha

Good food yeah? I bet the Thai food is amazing there...


Oh Thai is great but thats usual, so i wanted to share China part ;)

I love Thai street food! So much better than what we get here in Cambodia!


Never been to Cambodia, tell me whats there :)

Love the street food in Bangkok. Will definitely try China Town next trip


Dont forget to post after you get there :)

I really liked the seven-eleven in Thailand, so much snacks (Lays) and cheap, the beers too


That place is a must :)

Wow, nice post I've always wanted to travel there. I will definitely check it out when I'm there. That food looks amazing.


Cheap and tasty.. Just go for it!

Food looks good. How much did it cost?


Dont remember (was year ago) but nothing expensive. You can eat really cheap and good in Bangkok on the streets :) Just drink alcohol to not have stomach problems if you are not used to bacterias there


Yep.. I stick strictly to the policy of drinking beer only when I'm travelling Asia - unopened bottle - can't go wrong lol! And it's so humid you sweat the calories out anyway :)


Yep and dont use ice :) Some people say ice + alco is no trouble, but i prefer to be on safe side


Good tip @bigdaddy. Ice got me into a lot of trouble when i was traveling in India.

I've never been to Chinatown in Bangkok, but I believe the next time I'm there I should give it a try. I'm very cautious of street food in places like Thailand, you can never be too careful with food handling process. I know I won't be drinking any beverages with ice inside, unless it's from a place with filtered water (learned my lesson 😫). I think I'll just stick to Chang Beer.


This restaurant was pretty big for a street one, and had loads of tourists so i felt safe :)

How is that Chinese food! hahaha it looks so Thai......which is even more delicious


Thai would prolly have coconut milk :) I dont know.. Still a good pick :)

resteem and upvote for you

The food looks delicious there with so much variety!

fuck me that looks good

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Thank you, all awards are cool :)

Now I'm hungry for Chinese food now! Thanks for sharing.

Hi big daddy love china town I'm out here for a while keep up the good work

hey bidayy this the second article of yours I love.. please check out my fired.. this is the American side of things.. love sharing cultures.

Looks so good, I would love to visit Thailand someday. Thanks for sharing

It look so good!! It must be so cheap too right?


I guess so too, for it is street food :)

Street Food !!!

Love :)

i need to watch out for a lavatory even just by looking at it ^^

Dog eats dog, only in China town :)

If you like seafood .. :)