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My beloved friends. i thought the food for today.
Pick up some sauerkraut with the salt and add a little black pepper to the sauce and pour it into a piece of mustard, and put it on the bottom of the pickled cucumber and roll it over with the rashes the saucepan saucepan with olive oil in a deep pan is 1 purple 2 sew 1 little bit of mustard little tomatoes and a little red pepper oregano and some kind of orange juice and orange juice plus 1.5 cups of water mixed with two The bone of the flesh is also thrown in the furnace, covered with greasy oil. It is soothed and drained and it does not even give it 1 spoon,
smooth and smooth, and a glass of hops and shorts how to pick up the wave. The only drops in four parts or more makes it with vegetable olives olive black olives and a little rosemary or marjoram and even fern and even ready red licna comes here ready this My Dinner







Cook the day before, then bake when you need it.


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Looks amazing. Something I really like during winter times. Are you from Germany? It looks like a "Roulade". :-)
You are part of my "Food By Red Fish" #20. Check it out.