Delicious Cake "Cloud On Moss" 🍰 ☁️ [RAW VEGAN SUGAR-FREE]

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Good morning on this beautiful, cold day my friends! I hope you all doing well! Today I wanna present you another one of my videos, where I've made yummy cake! I called it "Cloud On Moss" because it reminds me of one thing. Last time when I went to the forest in mountains for mushrooms it was really cloudy day. And because I was heavily in mountains, I really "walked in clouds"! It was amazing feeling! The forest becomes more magical thanks to these clouds between trees and on moss. I really appreciated this moment, because I love to spend time with nature and meditate during these moments. There at I feel more power to do something and it also helps me a lot. I'll do another post about it! Anyway, this cake is something like beautiful reminder of this magical moment, which I decided to "immortalize". But not for so long, the cake was soo good, so it didn't survive a long time, lol! 😅

I prepared it with my boyfriend, which loves to help me in the kitchen. We both enjoyed the taste of this cake. The bottom is made from spinach, cashews, and dates. I also added vegan whipped cream and raspberries on top. Of course,I like when there is something crunchy in cakes, I decided to add corn flakes and sugar-free cookies, which I always use. That was a good choice! The cake was really balanced, not too sweet and everything melts in the mouth. Raspberries on top were the completion of the cake! So all you need to do is check my new video! You'll not regret! 😊

For preparing you will need:

  • big handful of fresh spinach (70g)
  • one glass of cashews or nuts of your choice
  • 100g of dates
  • one can of coconut milk
  • 20g of good quality corn flakes
  • 50g of vegan and sugar-free cookies
  • raspberries

Don't forget about comment! I wanna know what you think about it. Big hugs for you and have a beautiful day! 💕

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Love that you used spinach for this one! Very unique!!! Oh and it looks just amazing sweetheart, gteat job as always!!

Thank you Nina! So glad to hear that! Sending much love to you! 😘❤️

A great recipe!

Thanks! Well, if you'll make it, just let me know how you like it! :)

You think? Well honestly, I don't have so much feedback about my videos, so any comments about them mean to me a lot! Thank you so much dear! ❤️

Hi babett, thanks for this recipe! Would have never expected that there are animal-shaped cookies inside of these beauties - just from the look of them. haha
CU, Chris

Hahaha, well even I thought that, should I use them? Because they have animals shapes, lol! 🙄 Anyway, thank for your comment my friend! Really glad you like it! :)

I think it was a good idea to use them. It certainly made my day!
Wish you a wonderful day,
Cu, Chris

Hehehe, Thanks a lot! For you too! :)

Wow 😍I never gave spinach to the bottom of the cake!

The spinach gives really beautiful green color! 😍😋

Looks delish, I never thought of a green base before! I cant watch the video for some reason. Probably my work broadband! I'll try it at home.

Hey have you checked out the Vegans of settmit discord channel? If not here is a link Hope to see you there!

That's okay, hope it'll work in your home! :) And thank you for inviting me to the group. Ofcourse you can count on me! 😉 🌱

Yeah, let's do this! Vegan take over 2018!!!🥕🏋

These look so good and the spinach "moss" is such a cute idea!

Thank you! Yeah for me it also looks pretty well! :)

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