Crazy Delicious And Healthy Vegan Two-Layered CHEESECAKE!🤤🍰🌱[SUGAR FREE]

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Hello my dearest friends of Steemland! Today I have something special for you all! 🤤

Through a long time, I've been dreaming about this cake. I wanted to make it, but unfortunately, my blender was too weak to make the creamy mass from nuts. It always left some lumps, and it wasn't so good for consistency of the cake... So I bought the new one!😂 With bigger power, with better blade and it's better overall! 😆The best spent 30$ 🤣 Yeah, it was really cheap and quite good, so it was the really big occasion! 😄 So thanks to this little toy, I was able to make that CREAMY VEGAN CHEESECAKE! For the most of you, it wont be a surprise, that it's made from cashew nuts. Btw. lately, I'm really fascinated by using them everywhere. I made also cheesy dip from them, and I was really surprised 🤩 Good to have a head full of inspirations and ideas, or maybe it's the only talent for cooking, haha! 🤔😊

So basically, this cake is made only from few basic ingredients, it doesn't require baking and of course sugar free. I'm a big fan of "not sweet sweets", and this cake idealy fits into my cravings. It was enough sweet thanks to dates from the bottom. 🤪 The purple layer is made with added blueberries, and the pink layer is made with strawberries. It tastes like strawberry yogurt, which long time ago I bought in the supermarket. And by the way, don't even think about missing the coconut oil in the recipe! Exactly thanks to it, our cheesecake is so creamy and stay in shape.
So, enough chatter, and more making! Let's gooo for a little adventure with me into the kitchen!🙌

For preparing you will need:
for 18cm circle

for the bottom

  • one glass of dates
  • 150g of nuts (I used mix of nuts like cashews, walnuts, almond and mooore)
  • a bit of coconut oil
  • four tbsp of oatmeal

for layers

  • 300g of cashews (soaked in hot water through 3 hours, or best overnight)
  • 1/3 glass of melted coconut oil
  • juice from a half lemon (or you can use lemon)
  • vanilla extract
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • If you wish, you can add a bit of sweetener of your choice. I decided to try this cake without any added sweeteners and it was genius!😲


  • into blender add all ingredients for the bottom and blend together
  • place the mass into circle form lined with baking paper or foil
  • spread the mass by hand, or you can use the bottom of glass to little help
  • okay so, let's make the cashewnuts mass! Into blander add drained(!) nuts, oil and blend till nice and creamy consistency
  • take out 1/3 of the mass for later and place it in some vessel or bowl or what you prefer
  • into part in blender, add lime juice, vanilla extract and blueberries
  • blend again to achieve the beautiful purple color!💜
  • pour the cream into form with bottom, spread it by spatula
  • place the other part of cream into blender, add lime juice, vanilla extract and few strawberries
  • blend till nice pink color and pour into form on the purple layer💗
  • cool down it in fridge for at least four hours, or best if you'll leave it in fridge overnight😊

    This is the most epic cake in the world! How you see it's not so easy to make it wrong! 🤣 Doesn't it look beautiful!? I fell in love with that fancy look of it 😍 I hope that you enjoyed my recipe for this delicious cake! Your feedback is so valuable for me, so don't forget to leave comment below what you think! Thank you so much for reading, have a beutiful day! 💕


This recipe looks great. I use my blender every day couldn't do without it.

Yeah, me too! Every day I thank for that machine! Without it, the world would be not the same 😔😄

Beautiful cake! I would like a slice! 😋

Sorry, I ate most of this cake😶 But, to cheer you up, I'll say that it was soooooo delicious 😂

Cudowny!!! Uwielbiam serniki z nerkowców, a Twój wygląda przepięknie w tych kolorach 🍇🍒🍓💜

Dziękuję ślicznie! A jaki pyszny był mmm, tego nie da sie opisac slowami hehe. Tak szczerze to nie robilam jeszcze takiego serniczka, ale stał sie wlasnie chyba moim ulubionym ciastem 😄💕

Wow! What’s a great cheesecake you made!!! The blueberries it’s my favorite fruit! But here have just imported one! And so expensive! If i want to try it, I will make it with strawberries 🍓, but i have to wait to go my country because it’s so cheap there.

In Poland, the season for these fruits will be in summer. So, for now, we also have imported blueberries and strawberries, but the taste is not the same like the fresh ones right out of shrubs, can't wait for it! Thank you so much! 😊

Soooooooo beautiful and delicious, guilt free dessert 🌸💖🌸

Absolutely guilt free! 🤩💕

Looking at all of the beautiful food posts while I impatiently wait for my boyfriend to come down and make our breakfast smoothie may have been a bad idea... Drooling big time here! Looks delicious!

Hahah! Thank you so much dear! Maybe one time you will also try to make this cake? 😋

It looks amazing!! :D Love the colours, they match so well together :)

Yeah, pink and purple is a great couple 😊 I also like the colors of this cake, and I made quite nice photos this time 😄

Oh, it's just super yummy! And a great photo. Now I know I'll be cooking soon)))

Thank youuu! I really appreciate it! 😊

I love the purple color of this... Very nice!

Yeah me too! It looks really scrumptious 😋

It looks so vibrant like a slice of summer on the plate.
Might have to give this one try!

This is the best cake for summer! The lime/lemon juice improve all the taste of it. So for sure you won't regret it! 😊

Summer nearly ending, might sneak it for Easter.

Soon ending?! In Poland we have already spring 😲 😲 😲

In New Zealand it's Autumn, but it still feels like summer at the moment.

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Wow! This is stunning! I definitely want to try my hand at making this soon

I love your recipe so much, so I included it to my 5 favorite vegan Steemit recipes of the week here:

Thanks again for the amazing vegan inspiration ♥

Thank you for your great contributions to the "Food By Red Fish" series. I decided to stop the weekly summary. You are mentioned in the final post.
See you on Steemit.

Wow and that are crazy insane good photos! Thank you for the recipe :-) my grandma will be proud on me 👍😊 when I bake this masterpiece

@babettxx lovely cake, I'm also into raw cakes and I've just wrote a book just on raw cakes. Soon the english version will be out, meanwhile I share on steemit. I'm super new here, just few days and I'm slowly learning how it all works. Check out my blogs and follow if you like. I will see more of your blogs now. Blessings Babe!

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