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Naan bread is a flat baked bread that is even better when fried in your favorite oil, in this case I use avocado oil. I typically fry the top and flip it over and fry the bottom checking often until it has a golden brown color. It turns brown relatively quickly so it important to keep a close eye on it if you fry it in a pan.Nan1C.jpg




Once you get them all fried I like to add topping and some of my favorites are beans, chease and for dessert I add honey and cinnamon.


This has refried beans with some cheese on top






Now its time for dessert, I just use the same bread from the batch I fried up and drizzle a little bit of honey on top followed by a light coat of cinnamon powder.


I really love cinnamon and honey together!






Finally a cheese only version for those who do not like beans


Hope you enjoyed it
Please share your Naan bread favorites or comment below.


Wow..! It looks delicious~!
Thank u for sharing~I have followed u.
Thank u :)

Thanks @jiahn, I just recently started following you also

I love naan bread. I really have to post a Turkish recipe from my girlfriend called Gozleme

You should, I bet it would do well on Steemit

Cheese and garlic Naan my favourite!

I agree, that is awesome!

These look great!

We sometimes make Mozzarella and Pesto Grilled Naan Bread

That looks really good, really easy to make on a electric grill I bet.
Thanks for this idea!

...any way you eat them they are great

That looks delicious. I have never made my own Naan before - and I've never fried it.

Definitely two new things to try.

I usually just buy it pre-made then fry it when ready.

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I have to try it!! Thank you for the recipe! Following you))

Thanks, glad you like it

Oh yeah, Naan is such a fantastic kind of bread. Do you like Indian food in general?
If so on your next visit to and Indian restaurant try Purri. It's a very funny looking but great tasting kind of bread I just recently "discovered".

Looks so yummy 😋

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