Burger with Fried Potatoes Circles and Pickles

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Burger with Fried Potatoes Circles and Pickles is a SERIOUS FOOD for a hungry people!!!

I had one of those for lunch today and I'm telling you....it was delicious :)))

Was it healthy...?!

I don't think so!!!
But it was very tasty and worth eating it - all the extra calories!

If you follow my blog, you know by now, that I make my food from scratch and this burger patties are no different. I buy a big chunk of meat and have it minced and then I fix it into tasty dishes.


I make my burgers patties simple;

black pepper,
big drizzle of my favourite bbq sauce,
an egg

No chemicals of any kind!


I grill them until they are a nice golden colour.
These are pork burgers therefore they are a lighter in colour.


A good burger CAN NOT be alone...it's got to go with some PICKLES and fried potatoes....


This duet along with tomato, cheese, lettuce, bbq sauce, mustard, some mayo, red onions; tastes delicious!


What's not to like here?


I hope, I inspired some of you to make your own food.


Happy Munching!!!

ENJOY :)))

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Oh, I am very serious about this post, AWESOME!! Beautiful presentation!!


Thank you very much @gringalicious :))


I'm apparently less than the sharpest knife in the drawer today, I meant to send you a randowhale and instead sent it to @gringalicious. That was intended for you.


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Lucky kids!


hahaha...Thumbs up :) Thanks!

Yum yum yum yum yum said very fast! YUM 😋


hahaha...lots of thanks @cecirod1218!

Let me at it; I'm hungry.


thanks @abcdoctor !

This is so mouthwatering @awesome-seven! That melting cheese on the patty makes me want one right now!
Lovely presentation btw!


Thank you @progressivechef for you kind words :)

You make me ungry :D Looks very good ^_^


hahaha..I'm glad you like it @silviabeneforti :)

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thanks @noboxes!

Fantastic food post. Potatoes are one of my weaknesses, for sure. Great food photography and great prentation!



That burger looks mouth watering. Sometimes it's really difficult for me to select meal for cheat days, but I make sure that burgers is one of them. I'll definitely give it a try. Although I would add a lot of cheese.
Thanks for sharing :D