Sunday Summer Sunsets and Steaks. Nothing Less!!

in food •  2 years ago  (edited)

Sunday's are just the best day of the week for me! It's the last day to relax before a new week blasts off. Unless it's the crypto world! That's 24/7 lol.

As many of you know, I live in Colorado and it's by far my favorite place to be in the world. The mountains definitely deliver on being both Majestic and beautiful. If you have never been here, it's definitely a place you probably should visit at least once in your life! Who knows maybe I'll be able to show you around!

The Sunsets are Absolutely Beautiful and One of a Kind!


Pair That with a Juicy Steak and Have a Great Summer Sunday


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Son sunsets and steaks are so awesome on Sundays but the best thing is mom and dad get to spend quality time with u❤️

I like this sunset!

Colorado is beautiful but I don't like the idea of bears visiting my home. Nope.

it looks beautiful

Not sure which one looks better. The mountains or the steaks. Nice life. 🐓🐓

Beautiful view. Enticing steaks.

nice, BBQ time, loving it

The view with the steaks look fabulous, it is one of the states I would love to travel too. I live in N.Y and have only been as far as S.D.