Strawberries With Balsamic Vinegar

in food •  last year

Strawberries With Balsamic Vinegar

I just love this recipe!
To make this recipe in your home you just need some ingredients :

  • pint ripe strawberry
  • Table spoon sugar
  • Table spoon balsamic vinegar

I love the recipe and highly recomended for people who love the strawberry.



  • パイント熟したイチゴ
  • テーブルスプーンシュガー
  • テーブルスプーンバルサミコ酢


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Just went strawberry picking yesterday and this looks like a great way to make use of the berries. Thanks for posting.


oh welcome

Strawberry is one of my favourite fruits. This looks really refreshing and appetizing.


yeah i just love it

Will try it out, but without the sugar does the vinegar make it bitter? Following, hope to see more!


believe me this is just delicious

Woww. It looks so delicious.

I like strawberry too!!! :) :) thanks for the recipe

Simple and good! Love it.

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