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Dog Food Recall Alert

Dave’s Dog Food Recall of June 2018

Dave’s Pet Food of Agawam, MA, is voluntarily recalling a single lot of Dave’s Dog Food 95% Premium Beef cans because the products potentially contain elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone.

What’s Recalled?

The recalled product consists of a single batch (548 cases) of 13 oz., 95% premium beef dog food with a UPC # of 85038-11167 and a date code of 08/2020.

Dave’s Dog Food 95% Premium Beef
Size: 13-ounce cans
UPC Code: 85038-11167
Date Code: 08/2020

Where Was It Sold?

The affected product was distributed all along the east coast of the US, sold in pet stores and e-commerce sites.

What Caused the Recall

The recall was initiated after FDA informed Dave’s that one lot of product was analyzed and found to have elevated levels of thyroid hormone.

FDA analyzed the product after receiving a complaint that four dogs consuming it were found to have low Free T4 (fT4) and Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).

No other Dave’s products, or any other product manufactured by Dave’s Pet Food, are impacted.

The voluntary recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

What to Do?

Follow the link for the particular brand in this post. The link will take you to the press release which contains contact information and instructions for each item.

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Irons in the fire! Is that an indication @uncle-dan is going to start posting? Hope you are better every day. Are you able to pet sit with UDan’s help?
Are you surviving on radishes alone? ❤️🐓🐓


I wish I knew what he's contemplating. He's playing it really close to the vest. Sigh...

I'm back to pet sitting full time - solo! A couple courses of prednisone finally took care of the allergic reaction. Yay! How is your recovery coming along. Looks like your keyboarding skills are intact...

Radishes are coming along nicely and are salad worthy.


Call @uncle-dan unpredictable! We will see what he come up with. So glad you are feeling good enough to pet sit. Perhaps the animals will not keep you too busy this season. My surgery is healing nicely, good thing I can use my computer just sliding my fingers or I couldn’t do much. Like yourself my hand writing is a mess right now. Hope it will improve or nobody will be able to read my hen scratching. ❤️🐓🐓

Hey, how are you? Not seeing so much of you of late. Hope you're all well. Any news on the work front for hubby?


Hangin' in there, thanks! Getting back on track following a stroke & complications from one of my meds. Sadly, hubby is still unemployed but he has a few other irons in the fire to keep the bills paid. Gotta stay creative!