Kanji Rumbi The Unique And Delicious Food From Aceh

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About Kanji Rumbi

imageKanji Rumbi

Kanji Rumbi is a kind of porridge with a unique flavor from Aceh province, it is similar to chicken porridge sold in other parts of Indonesia.

imageKanji Rumbi

Kanji Rumbi cooked with the main ingredients of rice and spices. Kanji rumbi usually also mixed with shrimp and pieces of meat.

imageKanji Rumbi

Another important addition to these foods is vegetables in the form of diced carrots and potatoes and cooked with rice stew when cooking.


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Excellent post!

Wellcomeback @atalontuan i hope you are in healthy and fine

Bubur kanjie rumbie nyan han galak lon...atalaen na??

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