Molten Lava Cake

in food •  last year

  I loved chocolates from my childhood like crazy, one of the best chocolate dessert is molten lava cake, so juicy enriched chocolate with scoop of ice cream and a cup sized cake it is. 

  • Melt some chocolate and mix it with milk cream. Until thick chocolate.
  • take two dome shaped bowls put them both in a freezer and take out after half hour. Put smaller bowl upside down and pour chocolate mixture over it so that crust of chocolate is dome shaped. Put the bigger bowl similarly upside down over the chocolate bearing bowl so that it fixes itself over it . Put it again in freezer for about an hour. Chilled.
  • Take a small cupcake and a scoop of ice cream , take out chocolate crust from the freezer and put the crust dome of chocolate over the scoop and cake .
  • Pour some hot melted chocolate over it. 
  • Here goes your lava cake

Enjoy ! More to come 😊🍫

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This sounds yummy and refreshing on a hot day like today. Can't wait to try it! upvoted and followed. would appreciate the follow back.


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Thanks a lot. I will go on in this way , I'm loving it to use!! Worth using and fun. Thanks again steam board😊