careful! Do not snatch the joy of becoming a pizza-burger mother

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Take care of women who are fond of fast food. Excessive consumption of pizza-burgers can snatch the joy of becoming a mother to you. Researchers at the University of Adelaide have reached this conclusion after analyzing the history of diet history of 5,598 pregnant women in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. They found that to reduce hunger, 39 percent of women who took fast food four times a week took an average of one month more in pregnancy. At the same time, 8 percent had to wait extra for almost a year to get pregnant in spite of all the efforts. Most of these women also went through the treatment of childbirth. Researchers also found that fast food addiction increases the risk of infertility from 8 to 16 percent. She advised women engaged in family efforts to reinforce sweet supplements.

According to chief researcher Melanie McGrice, fast food is equipped with saturated fat, sodium and sugars. The excess of these chemicals in the body reduces the amount of 'oocyte' cells in pregnancy. Researchers in the study evaluated the effect of pregnancy on the prospects of fruits, green vegetables and egg-fish diet. During this time it was discovered that the fruit children increase the expectations of happiness. The pregnancy is fast in women taking three doses of fruit throughout the day. At the same time, there is no major impact on the possibility of conception of green vegetables and eggs. The results of the study have been published in the recent issue of 'Journal Human Reproduction'.

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