This lucky woman got rid of cancer only by drinking yellow!

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We already know that yellowing is effective in reducing weight loss from diseases such as cancer. Now a woman gave her details of how she got rid of miemola cancer by eating yellow. Myeloma is the bone marrow of blood plasma cells. It is a type of blood cancer.

According to a report published in British Medical Journal Case Reports, the 57-year-old woman named Deen Ferguson In 2007, he was diagnosed with blood cancer. Due to high blood pressure, it is diagnosed by a doctor. Then three rounds of chemotherapy were performed and four stem cells were transplanted. But the treatment failed and his whole body was spreading cancer. As a result of his cancer, his aches and pains became worse.

Then the woman herself is conducting research on cancer drugs online. After the study, since 2011, the women stopped eating cancer of the traditional medicine and began to eat 8 grams of carcumin each day. Carcumin is one of the main nutrients of the halud. The high quality karquimine tablets available on the market are very expensive; 50 pounds would cost for 10 days.

As a result he only consumed curcumin powders. He used to eat two tea spoons carcumin in an empty stomach every night. In this way he was released from cancer by using carcumin. Now he is living a normal life.

Doctors say that this is the only way to get rid of cancer by eating carcumin, as we know it is the first. No such incident has been recorded before.

Ferguson was first diagnosed with Dean in London Burtson Health NHS Trust. "I know that this is the first such case where cancer treatment is cured by taking only carcumin to treat the conventional treatment," says her doctor, in the British Medical Journal case reports.

After starting eating kerquimine, he started taking hyperbolic oxygen therapy (90 minutes, 2 ATA) once a week. He regularly consumes curcumin and accepts oxygen therapy. And living the normal life.

In the last five years, her cancer has remained stagnant without any treatment except for these two, and her body has a normal blood volume.

Degree Ferguson's case has caused a stir in the doctor. And more extensive research has begun on yellow.

In fact, renowned for its anti-inflammatory, inflammatory, and antiseptic component of yellow curcumin. Several studies have shown that carcinoma strengthens brain activity and reduces the risk of lung, heart disease and mental exhaustion.

In the UK due to lack of treatment, about 5,500 people died of myeloma cancer. Because no medicines are yet to be discovered.

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