Dear Steemit - I Am Opening A Tea House Thanks To This Community & With The Help of Crypto Money

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Hey friends! I'm so excited to share that I've recently bought a tea house/cafe/kava bar with the help of crypto money! This has been a dream of mine for a while and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Steemit! A huge thanks to everyone on this platform who I've ever worked with, chatted with, or who has supported me. If you are interested in supporting this vision further, I just launched an Indiegogo with some amazing offerings to the community, a few of which can be shipped to anywhere in the US!

Here is a little bit about my new place in Oakland, California:

The Well Cafe is a place for people to come together for herbal drinks, food, kava, and tea in North Oakland. We believe deeply that food is medicine and are working to re-ignite the collective wisdom of our ancestors and to put this traditional knowledge back in the hands of the people. We do this by serving unique and delicious drinks and food, working with small local farmers, chefs and herbalists, hosting educational events and workshops, and offering everything at affordable prices.

We practice business that has people and plants at the center. We provide friendly and inclusive service, authentic communication and educational ordering.

We source our produce and dairy from local farms and school/youth garden programs following sustainable agriculture principles. Our herbs and teas are sustainably harvested, fair trade, and/or wildcrafted. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We engage ourselves and our local community in conversations about health and wellness, alternative healing, social justice, gentrification, sustainable food production.

We build up and support the unbelievable talent, wisdom, and skills of local artisinal chefs, bakers, herbalists, and artists through our rotating featured chef menu item, pop-up dinners, herbal preparations, locally made desserts and snacks, our retail space, and gallery.

you can

Thank you to the Steemit community!

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That's awesome! Good luck!

First, congratulations, how awesome! I did a search on kava and this post came up :) I imagine you're extremely busy, new businesses are time consuming.

I didn't even know of kava's existence until this year, and have been frequenting the Sacred Tea Kava Bar and Lounge in Ithaca NY ever since I learned of it. Other than Manhattan, it appears to be the only Kava bar in NY- lucky for me it's just a handful of miles away. I truly hope to see more of them popping up, it's a fantastic place and a fantastic drink!

Best of luck to you, hopefully you'll return to steemit with some updates :)

Congratulations to your opening. Awesome story and nice post :-)
Wish you good Business :-)

Great! Best of luck!

Hello dear hope that you're good and everything's goes great in your life. So this is a humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it.

It's amazing to see how people are doing from all that Steemit offers.
I hope to open a local library in the future where I can teach kids Emotional Intelligence during the weekend.
I know the dream will come through.
Thanks for sharing this for it's a wonderful inspiration.

Incredible great to see Crypto being use well. Cafe looks amazing! Let me know when you expand England all the very best 💯🐒

Wow that's awesome! :) I'm so happy for you!

WOW! That's great. Wish you the best in this adventure. Looks like the kind of place one can visit with friends and family, and it will sell healthy stuff!.

All the best to you. 一切顺利。

This is so amazing!! Congratulations on the new place. It looks absolutely beautiful!

It is very good to see people making a good usage of this cryptocurrency technology. Cogratulations!
The place seems very cute and comfortable.

I reestem this post your post is inspiring, i still not buy yet much things or invest my steem in something useful but i admire the way you create your own success here. The pics are awesome and i wish you good luck for your new business!

I will be sure to let my family know... blessings to you.

Wow, congratulations! I'm hoping it can help me travel the world soon too. Haha. Am happy for you. 👍

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Congratulations and good luck in running Tea House .
If I ever be in nearby, I will definitely visit this place :)

wow congrats!! That´s awesome! It looks really great, a shame I´m not living in the US. Wish you all the best with your new baby!!

Good luck, dear! It's a gorgeous place.

what pretty girls)

Wow, amazing! The place looks so cute! Congrats and good luck!

Great! All the best to you!