Easter variations - delicious on the table :)

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As befits this Easter, you will see dishes in which eggs play a major role or constitute one of the ingredients. I will show you what cold starters and salads will be at my Easter table. It is obviously not everything we can find on it.

sałatki razem.jpg

1 option is avocado stuffed eggs. I love them because I love avocado! I fell in love with him in the States and moved to my Polish kitchen. Stuffed eggs are very simple to do. After cooking and peeling eggs, cut them in half and then pick yolks from the inside. We can cut them into cubes or - for lazy or comfortable (nicer sounds), who prefer to blend everything afterwards - just pour them into the bowl. Add the sliced ​​pulp from one avocado with the addition of garlic (1/2 clove), salt and lemon juice (1 teaspoon) to the hollowed yolks. Then blend everything, add chives, salt and freshly ground pepper and mix.

Bez nazwy.png

We complement the boats with the resulting mass and decorate with selected greenery: chives, cress, basil or whatever we like :) For me, avocado eggs are concentrated around the egg-tomato socket :-)

jajka gniazdo mniejsze.jpg

Another delicacy is a salad with celery and pineapple. Let it be a bit different! The salad is very simple and fast to prepare. It's enough that all the ingredients are layered with the addition of mayonnaise (of course, pineapple and celery are drained from the brine, also corn). So one by one we arrange: celery (from 1 jar), then pineapple (from 1 can), corn (1 can), 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, then ham cut into strips (20 dag), eggs cut into cubes (5 pieces), again three tablespoons of mayonnaise and finally cheese grated yellow. Decorate with parsley or chives. And voila!

salatka mały.jpg

The other salad is also "different" because it is not mixed up. Just put the ingredients on the plate in rows next to each other. How beautiful it looks springy! Like a colorful meadow, right? We must have 4 eggs, 2 potatoes (cooked / steamed in uniforms and diced), 0.5 boiled or baked (as in this case) broccoli, a bunch of radishes, 0.5 cup peas, cherry tomatoes and lettuce salad. What I can try to throw into the steamer, to keep as much nutritional value as possible, the eggs have been donated. For this we can give garlic sauce based on mayonnaise and cream with the addition of mustard, liquid honey, 0,5 clove of garlic and chopped chives. Everything is laid out nicely on the plate and our eyes are already eating! An interesting fact is that the eggs can be used literally in their entirety. How? By preservation of the shell and its grinding, and then adding to soups, salads and other dishes. Why? Because the shell has a lot of calcium! It is worth to grind it - powdered and added to various types of dishes, it will not be felt at all.

sałatka z sosem.jpg

Finally, eggs with peas! My mother always made this dish, I remember how I ate it every Christmas, so I cultivate tradition :) We prepare the sauce with 150 ml of mayonnaise, 5 tablespoons of cream 18%, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Season it with salt and pepper. Add the drained peas and mix. We pour it into a dish and put on half-cut eggs (for me it was 6 pieces of eggs). We can decorate them anyway. In my case, eggs are not visible, because they are all sunken in a sauce, because I love the large amount of this sauce: P


As you can see straight and fast. There is no way to overdo women;) ... and gentlemen?

Write in the comments what your favorite Easter dishes are.

On this occasion, I am sending you the Easter greetings to Steemian:

Let the Easter holidays become magical,
and the chicken and lamb will wake you up on a festive morning,
a lot of water on Monday and many surprises!

Ann :)

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