New Vanilla Shakeology is here!

in food •  2 months ago


So I was able to try Vanilla Shakeology at Summit this past weekend and bought myself a box! Already blended 2 smoothies since I’ve been home with the Vanilla and I am super excited about it!

First of all its been several years in the making with lots of requests, but Beachbody as a company is adamant about maintaining impeccable standards! The FDA currently allows lots of chemicals in any vanilla flavored products to enhance the vanilla flavor and many turn a blind eye or just don’t have the clearance so to speak to know what’s really in their product. Either way, I can have complete confidence that what I’m putting in my body is truly all natural, premium nutrient dense drink, with no processed poison! I encourage anyone to do their research, at the very least read the label on anything you’re consuming. Be an informed consumer, not just someone blindly following the masses or flashy commercials!

So back to Vanilla Shakeology, so today I blended 1 scoop of Vanilla Shakeology, 8 oz of Coconut Vanilla Milk, 5 ice cubes and 4 fresh huge pineapple chunks and it was delish! Its great that I’ll have an endless variety of flavors I can blend with it. Endless! I still love my Tropical Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate, I even mixed some strawberry with the Vanilla yesterday and loved it. Next recipes I want to try out are Orange Creme, Vanilla Berry Delight, Morning Refresher, Vanilla Nog, Peaches and Creme, Pumpkin Pie! If you’re a coffee lover, the Vanilla Latte I had over the weekend was really good too!


I’ve been drinking Shakeology daily for a year and a half now and I don’t miss a day! Its totally knocked out my sweet cravings, its my breakfast every morning, it keeps me full and satisfied, helps me maintain a healthy weight, gives me natural energy and I can blend it to create different flavors. My body is getting what it truly craves so I’m nourished and satisfied.


I strongly encourage you to add it to your daily regimen!!! We’re combating the environment, our air quality, who knows what’s in our water supply, processed foods, being bombarded with commercials for quick unhealthy meals, surrounded by fast food restaurants on every corner, busy lives, kids, family, less time, more responsibilities! PLEASE DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOURSELF!!! GIVE YOUR BODY WHAT ITS REALLY BEEN CRAVING, SHAKEOLOGY!


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