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The time of summer is to eat ice-cream

While eating ice-creams it feels like are creamy and easy to scoop. Biting the cold ice cream gives relief to the body.

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The dry soft drip of the wood, then dry the throat, it feels comfortable.

Experts say, but this idea is completely wrong. The thing is just the opposite.

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The amount of sugar in ice cream is very high. So high calorie ice cream makes the body warm.

Milk, chocolate, fat and carbohydrate too much. The nutrition is heated.

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Similarly, the amount of calories in soft drinks is very high. As soon as drinking, the body's metabolism rate increases.

As a result the internal temperature of the body begins to grow and the body becomes more hot. So get as hot and let dry the throat, do not drink soft drinks, eat water.

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The body simply feel the opposite.

Therefore, remember ice-cream or soft drink seems to be temporarily cooling the body

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Yummy images with good information. But in spite of so many health issues we do love occasional treat of icecream