Exercise + cold rainy weather = one hot yummy pie.

in food •  5 months ago

Stepping out on a cold rainy day takes iron will! The winter weather sucks right now and when it is a must to head down to the local shops putting on the walking boots is the only sensible thing to do to keep the feet dry. Saves my good dressy leather boots from getting wet.

The walking boots are designed for the rain; they are waterproof. Wore my woollen icebreaker socks too.

It was a little bit earlier before hitting the shops that I started visualising a hot pie for lunch. I know they are not exactly the healthiest of foods and categorically not on the list of good foods but who cares on a cold day like this. I was meant to eat a pie for lunch and so into the bakery I went and bought a pie. I reckon that once you have a picture of a food in one's head, just gotta go and get it.

It was yummy and now all I need to do is go for a long walk this afternoon. It was worth the 5 kilometre to come!

Exercise+cold rainy weather=one hot yummy pie.

Steak and mushroom pie was my choice. With tomato sauce on the side.

It was a yummy pie. I'll be back to that bakery shop to get one of those pies on another cold wet day.


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Looks very good angiemitchell, Makes me hungry :P


I recommend it.

howdy again @angiemitchell! wow you sure know how to drive us crazy with delicious looking food! A meat pie freshly baked? oh man...and from a bakery. I've never heard of a bakery here selling meat pies like that, I think they should start! if it works there it should work here.


Meet pies are very much an Australian thing. I reckon meat pies would be successful in your part of the world if any enterprising Australian would like to do it. They are yummy @janton.


it looked so good I could just imagine it! thanks for driving me crazy! lol