Have Fun With Pandan Leaves

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Yeay! Weekend! It's time to make a new recipe!

This weekend I decided to make an Indonesian traditional cake made from Hunkwee flour (mung bean flour), coconut milk, and corn.

The special thing about this cake is a mold made from pandan leaves.

In Indonesian, this cake is called 'Kue Tako Jagung'

Before I did everything until it was finished, I did the self-portrait that I gave the title "HAVE FUN WITH PANDAN LEAVES"



Smiling after taking pandan leaves from the garden.


Preparations for making cake molds made from pandan leaves.


These are the cakes that I made today. The full recipe will be coming soon to my next blog and vlog.

Coming up next on my blog and vlog:

  • How to Make Cake Molds from Pandan Leaves
  • Super Chewy and Soft Corn Cake Recipe
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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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@tipu curate

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Thanks for the curation.

Daun pandan menghasilkan aroma yang wangi pada adonan kue. Dengan begitu nafsu selera makan jadi bertambah.

Bravo 👌

Benar sekali. Biasanya untuk kue kue tradisional

Resteemed your post.

Your cakes look yummy! (Especially, I'm a corn lover) It's great that the molds were made from pandan leaves from your garden. Nice photos of you! ;)

Asian food n cake always authentic :)

Thanks for stopping by, dear 😊