How to grow potatoes indoors for Christmas harvests

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Utilize a compartment at any rate 30cm (1ft) profound and wide, with seepage openings in the base (master potato-developing holders are likewise accessible).

Include a layer of preparing fertilizer or garden soil blended with garden manure or all around spoiled compost. A layer 10cm (4in) thick is adequate for 30cm (1ft) profound pots, however bigger compartments can be half-filled.

Plant one to three tubers for each pot, each with about 30cm (1ft) of space, and cover with 15cm (6in) of manure or soil.

As the foliage creates, earth up the potatoes with further fertilizer or soil until the point when the holder is full to inside 5cm (2in) of the best. Leave a lip to help watering.


Keep all around watered and feed with a broadly useful fluid compost.

Guarantee the nursery remains ice free as the season advances, as potato foliage would be harmed by ice.

The foliage will yellow and fade away in late harvest time and would then be able to be evacuated and treated the soil.

Tubers can be left in their pots in manure (kept genuinely dry) until required at Christmas.

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