Refried beans

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Masur pulse 225 gram garlic juice 2 cells

Water 41/2 cup lettuce, leaf

Soybean oil 1/3 cup radish

Onion, Kuchi 2 Turtle Chips

Onion, salt 1 salt


  1. Wash the pulses and take a saucepan. Water, 1st Sprinkle the oil, onion mixed with curd branches. Once you have blossomed, reduce heat to boil half an hour. Cover with salt and heat 30-45 minutes very gentle. The pulses will be quite good.

  2. Onion and garlic fried with oil in the other pot. Onion, garlic, if you have soft, give 1 cup flour purely. Mix well and mix well. The water dried up and left with the rest of the pulse. Pulses like dal halua will bundle.

it is a very tasty food and also added on pizza.try this and give your oponion.


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