Potato chop

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Potato or potato chutney is a delicious meal. There are many recipes. Let's take a look at another recipe. It's nice as a breakfast in the afternoon. Put a little tomato sauce or a sauce.


Potato 500 g

Eggs: 1 (boiled must be cooked)

Chopped green chilli 1 teaspoon

Dhanepata Kuchi: 1 table spoon

Sprinkle onions: 2 table spoons

Heat spices 1 teaspoon

Egg: 1 shake

The amount of biscuits is as large as the amount

Oil: The amount of frying for frying

Salt amount quantity


Step 1
At first, the potatoes should be cooked with salt.

Step 2
Now heat the oil in a pan and boil it well and fry it well with salt and baking soda, egg yolk, chopped coriander, coriander leaves, hot spices, salt according to taste and onion berita.

Step 3
Chips in a light-weight chapa will be kept around 5-12 minutes for refrigeration at around 10-12 average.

Step 4
Then, after sipping the egg, put it on the tissue paper in hot sinking oil, spreading the biscuits. Sorted according to their own will.

Step 5
It can be eaten with sauce or cottage to light lunch / afternoon / night meal.

its a spicy,tasty food but dont eat so much.enjoy it.


Thanks @leeuw,its really yummy!!

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