Grilled potato with cheese, A Great choice

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Olive oil
Sweet peppers
Pizza cheese
Basil (Rihoun in #persian)
Salt and pepper
Below is a description of this video's chef for you :
"As you can see in the video, first we sow the potatoes and then we empty it in the first place and add the olive oil and salt and pepper, and then we pour the ingredients we prepared into it.
Take a container that you want to fat and weigh about 20 minutes with heat of two hundred degrees in the oven.
In the case of potatoes, I like to make a skin, and I will be good for it before, but if you do not like it, you can peel it."
This is a very tasty food. I also tried it myself. Another method is to make potatoes and spices, round round like chips. Medium and red flasks are very small. Then pour the material into a potato and put it in the pan with steam and heat

chef Page-SepFood

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Ah...potato skins. We invented those here in Maine, I believe. Looks yummy!


huh yep! thanks for comment but i think you forgot to upvote if you believe it is yummy ;) hahaha

I've read your post. I liked your post. I hope you will be with us by this post.