Healthy, Delicious & So Yummy Dates+Coconut Energy Balls, Quick, Simple & Easy! 100% VEGAN! & GLUTEN FREE !!! 100% Homemade!!! Enjoy😊 !!!

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We all need energy for our daily activities and we also need continuous supply of energy for our body and mind to keep going on and on! Else, fatigue and lethargy kills all the fun and charm of enjoy... the life without vigor, power and on wants to lead to !!!

It just so happened that one fine day, in an endeavour to experiment with the super sweetness of dates, I created an amazing recipe. I love relishing dates, they are full of minerals and essential nutrients, vitamins, high on iron and sugars and other elements!!!!!!! Because of its utter sweetness, one perhaps cannot relish more than quite a few. Then one starts feeling heavy on the system, because of the excessive natural sugars in it. I have tried that couple of times and ended up thinking...wish I could add more ingredients to it and make it more worth!!! and...I just did the same!!!

I really wanted to experiment and create something that adds more value to dates and is little less sweet more satisfying and filled with the goodness of essential minerals, vitamins and oils. Above all should be vegan. Definitely…I should give it a try, no matter whatever the outcome be!

So, I sat down and finally decided to use just three ingredients to make my recipe that is super good on energy quotient.

I finally decided to settle with THREE Core ingredients, that's it !!!


1) DATES: Super Nutritious with Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Vitamin B6 and high in antioxidants with abundant health benefits, high in fiber, Protein, Carbs, and Calories aplenty!!! Enough to power you Up!!! :)


2) DESICCATED COCONUT POWDER: Rich in essential nutrients, high nutritious value such as Vitamin C, E , B, contains Riboflavin, Dietary fiber, and necessary minerals such as, magnesium, selenium, copper and calcium, promotes cardiovascular health, also contains coconut oil beneficial to treat Alzheimer problems, and several other health issues and problems that it can be very beneficial in.


3) ROASTED BENGAL GRAM FLOUR: Its Rich in fiber, protein, minerals, & fatty acids, has a very low glycemic index therefore controls blood sugar, full of Protein and fiber, gives energy, prevents anemia, heart healthy and gluten free!!!

JUST these THREE Ingredients, for the recipe : Dates, Desiccated coconut and Roasted Bengal gram flour. That’s it!!! Nothing more…just keep it simple, quick and easy, above all ready to eat. NO Oven, No Microwave! We in 21st Century are super dependent on the gadgets and devices. I try to avoid as much as I can! Honestly !!!

OK! So here is the QUICK, SIMPLE & EASY Recipe!

Keep these three ingredients handy…Dates, Desiccated coconut and roasted Bengal gram flour.

[I must tell you that I did not even use the blender/grinder to make a paste of dates, because it would not work out that way, instead, dates being sticky would stick to the grinder and make it a bit difficult, therefore, I used the potato masher, very quick n easy. The process, might be a little messy but its all about how quickly & smartly you combine all these three ingredients!!!]

Alright! So Let's make the Energy Balls and Here we Go!


Take 250gm of Bengal gram flour in a pan and dry roast, till it turns golden pale brown. DO not burn, else it turns a bit bitter!!! Keep stirring while dry roasting on medium flame, once its ready, keep it aside, to cool down a bit.


Take approx 500gm of dates (remove the seeds!) and transfer them to a large flat bowl with large base of even a flat tray would do. Using the potato masher, mash the dates so that they turn into a thick solid matter but not the paste.


Take 250gm of desiccated coconut powder in a pan and keep it on a medium flame for couple of minutes, till you start getting the aroma of coconut oil in the air, that the time when you have to quickly take it off the flame, do not over heat and burn, else you will spoil all the essential oils present in it. Keep an eye and be quick to stir and take it off the flame. This whole thing interestingly is super quick to make. You Bet!!!


Now transfer the desiccated coconut powder into the bowl with mashed dates and at this time the desiccated coconut should be little hot to warm and start mixing both with gradually adding spoon by spoon the roasted Bengal gram flour. Now this is little messy and you gotta get your hands into it.

In couple of minutes, this whole thing will be like a big thick dough, with all the three ingredients, thoroughly mixed and combined.


Make small balls and with the help of hands turn them into perfectly round balls and till they form the shape of a sphere, it will take couple of seconds to less than a minute.

Roll it in desiccated coconut (keep some, aside for this purpose!) & ITS READY TO BE SERVED.

Interestingly, You can also cut these balls, into equal halves and then decorate with sliced almonds, the way you want!!! Bit of an effort though, but all worth, at the end, when you sit back and relish them, with family & friends!




Or sliced cashew nuts is another option to beautifully decorate them and enjoy




Another option is to decorate them together in a platter and serve to please the ones, you love/like/admire/appreciate!!!




Ready to eat and recharge the body with the energy of these three ingredients makes it such a worthy recipe.


Relish one or two energy balls in a day with Hot Milk/Tea/Coffee or eat it as such.

They are damn chewy and super gooey and I love that element in them. Like a chocolate...or more like a chocolate brownie! Absolutely!

You can also add a spoon of cocoa powder and this whole thing will for sure turn into chocolate brownie! Else relish as such!

There are no unhealthy ingredients in it, no preservatives and it can stay up to anywhere between a week to a fortnight in proper ventilated conditions, you can also keep it in the refrigerator if you want them to be served chilled but they may turn hard with coconut oil solidifying.

Which ever form, shape, style, they definitely are so yummy and truly delicious! Tried, tested & tasted !!!


Thanks for reading & watching!

Wishing you all Good luck, with Lots of Love!!! Cheers!

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what a creativity!

Great Shots, beautifully decorated and after reading the nutritious value of the said ingredients, am feeling like munching all those on the platter. :)

Thank you so much for those kind words!!! @fotographi
Really appreciate that wonderful gesture.
Much Obliged!!!

Healthy food is always welcome for healthy mind and body. Our body needs loads of energy for all the vital daily activities. Nice yummy clicks. That looks so wonderful and delicious. Can, I have one please! :) LOL

Couldn't agree more! @blockstrides Thank you so much! Much obliged !:)
Truly appreciate!

They look really so mouthwatering. I know dates are super rich in several nutrients and your preparation makes me want to recreate them. We need more of such quick, simple and easy recipes that are healthy. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much! @cryptofairy Really appreciate that ! :)

Thanks for the recipe. Looks delicious and cute.

Glad you liked! Thank you so much ! @programmingvalue :) :)

That looks so delicious. This just shows how creative you are especially when you started designing them. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and may you have a great day ahead!

Great!!! Absolutely appreciate that kind gesture @sgbonus :) :)
Thank you so much!


  ·  last year (edited)

They look like shit. And I doubt they taste any better

dung beetles love em though


that looks super tasty, I will definitely try them!! I really like those simple and easy recipes and even more if they're healthy of course!

I got a fast and easy recipe for vegan hummus on my blog if you wanna check it out 😉

Thank you so much @nolalumo
Really appreciate that! Yes!, I do like and prefer simple, quick, easy and healthy recipes, hence shared.

I find all of this so yummy.

Great! Really glad and so pleased. @emmanuelaboiles Thank you so much! :)

Looks like candy!

Yeah! Indeed! :) tastes and feels like a chewy n gooey candy too !
Thank you so much! @jetseid

Yeah, like candy made of poo

Very intriguing and appetizing ! Thank you for sharing with us! Just awesome!

Thank you so much! @almi Absolutely appreciate that wonderful gesture.
Much Obliged. Cheers.

To your health! Greeting

This is a very lovely presentation! tasty!

Thank you so much! Dear Deepak !!! @ahlawat

  ·  last year (edited)

Very tasty photos!

Thank you so much ! @sweettais Appreciate that ! :)

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looking so good!

Yeah!!! Thank you so much! @sakurart

anything vegan and containing coconut is an automatic winner in my book! so yummy!

I'm glad that sugar is vegan!

Wowww! That sounds so great and interesting. Thanks for sharing. @rashisonto
Cheers! :)

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Cheers! :)

Que ricuraaa!!!!!
Saludos desde Venezuela!!


Se me antojaron comer unos cuantos jejeje

Seguro que puede @doramas
Muchas gracias

I am not a foodie but I am addicted to sweets, now this post getting me high. Wish I could have these around me.

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Same here, I have the biggest sweet tooth.

Thank you so much ! @himalayanwomb Truly appreciate that!
These are indeed very easy to make and delicious to relish and very healthy too! :)

I am not in cooking but I know how to make sweet for me. Mostly time I cook for myself Halwa with lots of Desi ghee, it is my favorite. Will try this one too. Thanks brother

Posted using Partiko Android

Sounds! Great !!! Cheers! :)

self made food, is the best food.

And Coconut always great :D

Absolutely! Couldn't agree more ! @freddio

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My mouth really watered, I'm going to prepare them. It is a super simple recipe Dates one of my favorites. What a great idea.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate that !!!!@lucalizar

Indeed dates are powerful source of energy. @amitsharma

Very nutritious as well.

Absolutely!!! @sulmanjaved

Have you tried them with pistachio? It looks delicious.

Hmmm! I haven't actually !!! I think I time!
Thank ! @franb24

  ·  last year (edited)

@amitsharma, great post, as I have mentioned before it is a perfect pre-workout snack or just something to fight hunger on the go. And yeah, natural sugars that are in dates - is a carb bomb - it is absolutely going to give you all energy you need!
Mine one is something you might also like, since it is supe simple!

oh my! This is super easy to make and yet so healthy! I wanna try the chocolate brownie!!

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Thank you so much! @arcange

You're welcome

That looks so delicious and really so mouthwatering.Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Wow!!!..looks yummy!!

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