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Hey there! ♡ 

Ok so now it's all about blueberries and bananas so we've got that brain food, that high antioxidant and we've got the potassium from the bananas and all in all we've got a really delicious smoothie just come and have a look at the ingredients. Now there's nothing more delicious than fresh blueberries but when I'm making the smoothie I like frozen blueberries they just make a better texture. Also I have some bananas here I've actually taken bananas and cut them up into threes, frozen them in a ziplock bag and it just makes them great for adding straight into your smoothies. We're going to thicken this with a little bit of oatmeal, got a quarter of a cup of flat oatmeal. We've got a beautiful Greek blueberry yogurt, quarter of a cup of ice and we're going to be using coconut water as our liquid. So and simple these ingredients but this is such a good tasting smoothie come on let's get going. Let's pop the blueberries into the blender first, one frozen banana, half a cup of ice, here I have quarter of a cup of a rolled oatmeal, we're just going to add that in. Now this is a single serve Greek blueberry yogurt, we'll add that in whoops look at all the blueberries at the bottom there and we're going to add in a cup of coconut water. Pop our lid on nice and tightly, power on the blender and I'm going to hit the smoothie button. Now that's taken one minute with a few little pulses, that is looking absolutely gorgeous. Look in there, even the smell coming off of it is delicious. Now I'm going to pour me a glass of this, I just love the color of this smoothie, this makes about two medium-size smoothies. Cheers, hope you really enjoy this.. I know I am! Bye for now! ♡

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i want it
i love cherry
I'm love to eat cherry to feels good


Yes, they're amazing! ♡