Romanian Tomato Salad

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Romanian Tomato Salad


3 Tomatoes
1 Cucumber
½ Red Onion
1 T White Vinegar
½ T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Feta Cheese (optional)
Salt and Pepper (to taste)

Start off by slicing your tomatoes and cucumbers. Add them to a serving bowl. Thinly slice your red onion and add that to your bowl also. Add in vinegar, salt and pepper and gently mix together. Add in your olive oil and top with feta cheese.


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Greetings, beautiful and helpful Lydia

Excellent salad recipe. That's something I'm needing right now. While recording my videos to dtube / dlive, I noticed that my face is chubby hahaha. I urgently need to make a little regiminho to lose a few kilos. With this, your revenue goes very well

Thank you and good evening!!!!!


hahaha, you are funny. Yeah go for it it's always good to lose a few kilos! I'm working on it too lol quite.


We call it shepherd salad. Azerbaijan


I like that name haha, I grew up with it so I just called it Romanian salad but shepherd salad sounds better!



Wow! Its great recipe. You know I like most the Tomato Salad.


It's funny a lot of countries like it in America it's not so popular.

We make a salad like this all the time. We have been using fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and onions from our garden. I am a huge fan of putting feta cheese in these salads.


Yeah from the garden it's absolutely amazing, the feta makes the whole salad!

Hey girl good food. Congratulations, greetings from Venezuela.


Thanks Sayury! Greetings from America.

Love your receipes. Very beautiful looking you love hair too. 👩
Great video too. You are an awesome cook💖💖You talk too cute.


Thanks! I appreciate all your compliments haha! I don't know about talking cute but I'll take it. Thanks for watching @ykdesign! ❤️

I'm going to start eating more veggies :)


Lets see it in your next post XD

Oh yes Lydia! This looks awesome. :) I like your new editing format too. :) And then if you always want some protein you can add shrimp, grilled chicken, and even some awesome bacon pieces. mmmm yummy. I am hungry now. Thanks.


Yeah but then it's not a Romanian salad anymore! haha. Thanks for watching. I like this format too I'm gonna be sticking with it for a while.


But it still can be....Romanian Salad...with

Supporting Romanian cooks, artists and beautiful artists :)


haha thank you! Do you like to cook?


Yes, I always try to do something new, in the kitchen as well :) , and the process of learning it. I'm looking for some sushi or asian styles dishes. Maybe you can do one for us :) Also, I'll be making a video of the Bucharest Street Food Festival/Carnaval happening this weekend, I think you will enjoy it, so make sure you're following me :)


Awesome, ill be looking out! Yeah i followed 😀

you Romanian Tomato Salad was simple and delicious, I writing about a post 15 Imaginative Ways to Cook With Tomatoes. you can visit it.

salad is my favorite food thank for your recipe @alphasteem