Sweet and Spicy Mango Salsa

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Sweet and Spicy Mango Salsa!

Mango Salsa

4 Mangos
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Jalapeno
½ Red Onion
4 Garlics
3 Limes
2 T Cilantro
Sugar (if your mangos are not sweet)
Salt and Pepper

Wash all your produce first. Start off by peeling your mango and then cutting the flesh into small cubes and adding them to a large serving bowl. Next cut your red bell pepper in small cubes and add to you bowl. Dice your jalapeno and red onion finely add them to your bowl. Using a garlic press, press your garlic into the bowl with the rest of your ingredients. Add the juices of your lime and the cilantro and mix everything gently. Add in sugar and salt and pepper to your taste.


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Mangoes are so delicious and very hard to resist. Truly yummylicious share.


thanks crypto fairy! <3

I loved the video, the handle Considered an exotic fruit in industrialized countries, nowadays the mango is living its moment of glory and a protagonism like never before.

I am Venezuelan, in our culture is known Guasacaca sauce as the accompanying grills, grilled chicken, empanadas, some hot dogs, chorizos and of course arepas.

This preparation based on cilantro, parsley, paprika, onion and now with mango is the most delicious thing in life without putting avocado.

Short preparation:

  1. Cut 3 peppers, remove the seeds
  2. Clean 1 onion and leave the most tender part
  3. To the 2 stems chives remove the first layer, cut much of the green and discard it. We're just going to use the tender part
  4. To a handle remove the skin and cut it into pieces (mango more green than ripe)
  5. Place all the ingredients in the blender or processor
    6.Little by little add a tablespoon of oil and vinegar
  6. Once ready and with the desired consistency, add salt and pepper to taste.

I hope you like it, and the other users


Thank you for that! It sounds like the most delicious thing in life for sure! I appreciate you letting me know I will definitely look into trying it!


Thanks to you, I hope you can do it, it is very tasty ... apart from everything that can be done with mango.

Love the dark nachos, where can I get those and your number? :))))


You can get the dark nachos from Sprouts Farmers Market. As for my number...I don't know where you can get that maybe it's in the phone book. :))))


Neaaah, I'll try to guess it like the lotto numbers :)))


It's ok...I'm married XD


no one's perfect xD

Looks delicious! I love the purple tortilias lol!

Hey @alphasteem, I am from @promo-mentors and would like to talk to you. Is there anyway I can contact you on Discord?


Hey @futurethinker, I just sent you her contact address on discord. Hope it will help!

mango is my favorite fruit i never eaten any salad of mango bt i will try your recipe


Great! Let me know how it works out!

thanks for recipe ım gonna try this


Your welcome. Let me know how it goes!

I ABSOLUTELY love mangoes (if I could only figure out how to peel and slice the proper way) and this salsa would be a nice refreshing addition to my homemade chicken fajitas.

Topped with either some Queso Fresco or Feta cheese. Yum


Use a peeler! And slice into small cubes like I did in the video! Maybe its not the proper way but it does the job lol. Thanks for watching!

Great background song and your videos are getting better with montages, probably from now on i'll not watch your food videos again. I'M ON DIET ! flagged XD


Thanks @kalvas! I've been working hard to get better I'm glad you appreciate it. Thanks for the flag too! I love flags! Especially Romanian ones! Keep up your diet!

yummy! esp love that you included the fresh and juicy mango in the salsa, this will be amazing in the hot summertime!😊❤😊
This recipe looks so delicious! Good Job Friend. Thanks ❤


Oh yeah it sure will! When it's mango season this is absolutely delicious. XD Your welcome and thanks for watching!! <3

It looks delicious, I will do it when the mango season is in Peru.


Yes it is! That's great to hear, let me know how it goes when you try it! Also great job on dtube your doing good! Keep it up.


Thank you!


If you make it, your life will be gold!

Mango! My favourite. Nice recipe, will definitely try it :D


Awesome! Let me know how that works out I'm always interested

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