Author, chef and professional trader in the stock exchange. You are great person, god bless you.

you humble me-much appreciated to read this wish you a delightful weekend

Thank you @allthereisislove 🌷

thank you for taking the time to view my posts-truly meaningful to me

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Bananas are yellow

ok-this is truly a highlight here for me-I am not sarcastic-a response after all my efforts makes be beyond delighted-now PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what I need to do to get of this list and rest assured that any and everything i might have done in the past i did out of ignorance but by no means to offend or violate rules-I truly do anything in my power if you guys just stop flagging me-all I want is to post my cookery in peace- so let me know the rules and i will certainly abide in all ways- i really like this platform and just want a peace of quiet-thank you for your time

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thanks a million