Food Trip in the City: I Travel Locally in Search of Delectable and Healthy Cuisines [Part 1]

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Marikina City is known for its flourishing shoe industry and aside from that little is known about its food industry. There are a growing number of restaurants, big and small, all over our city. I would like to share photos of delicious foods my family and I ordered in our past lunch outs. 

For your eyes only:

A yummy homemade strawberry cheesecake

A must, healthy grilled teriyaki salmon

Succulent applewood smoked bacon slab with bonito corn

Sweet ice cream on top of cookie dough

Delicious smoked BBQ pork ribs with corn and coleslaw

Delectable salmon fish cakes with garlic sauce and salad

Enticing baked oysters

Tasty mozzarella sticks

Tender fish fillet with tartar sauce with french fries

Yummy deep fried adobo chicken wings

Of coarse, there's plenty of rice as its part of our meal.

Hope you liked it. More to follow from different restos within Metro Manila :)

Thank you!


Now I am hungry again.

hehe, grab a bite :)

They all look delicious!

yup and very cheap:) most of them are less than $5 or 250 pesos in Philippine peso


haha i like the word you use to describe it, rhymes with mouth watering. thanks :)

All of them looks so delicious.

Mmmm, Bacon with a side of something. Now that's my kind of restaurant.
How were the ribs?