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Sochniki is a traditional Ukrainian delicacy. This Ukrainians' favorite desert is a small cottage cheese scone from sweet short pastry. This dough is soft, while the inside is creamy; it makes a great combination. I love these cheese scones!

Ingredients for the dough :
1/4 cup OR 75g sugar
5-6 tbsp OR 50 gr butter
1 egg
1/2 cup OR 100 gr sour cream
0.5 tsp baking powder
2 1/2 cups OR 300 gr flour
1 egg yolk with water for coating

Ingredients for the filling:
1 1/2 cups OR 200 gr dry cottage cheese - tvorog / farmers cheese or curd
Half egg
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp sour cream
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup OR 50 gr sugar


Step 1 : Mix your butter with sugar until combined.
Step 2 : Add your egg, sour cream and mix well. 
Step 3 : Add your flour and baking powder. Form the dough and set aside.
Step 4 : Preheat your oven to 180 C or 350 F. 
Step 5 : Mix all your filling ingredients together until all combined and smooth. 
Step 6 : Roll out the dough and cut little circles with your cookie cutter or you can also use a glass. 
Step 7 : Add 1 tsp of cottage cheese mixture into each circle and cover from the other side. 
Step 8 : Use egg wash on each pastry ( mix egg yolk with water) 
Step 9 : Bake the pastry for 30-35 min until golden brown. Enjoy warm with tea or coffee.

Watch the video here:

Lots of love,

Alla xox

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Great post and recipy and i have just upvoted you. Just a question, would that be too cheesy to intake so many, so that i could change by reducing the amount of cheese while doing in. Cant wait for your next post. Have a nice day.


thanks so much :))) we'll you can reduce it, but its sweet cheese, its not too cheesy :)

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Yummy as always...


thanks darling!!

Looks great! Cheese & pastry, two of my favourites! Thanks for the share!, will attempt to make this!


heheh thanks :)) enjoy!!

If I could cook like you I would weight 600 Pounds! Those look so good!


ahahah )) i train hard in the gym! thanks thou ;)

Interesting food. I wish i can have a taste.


you can make some!

I think that you're doing on purpose, so that we would be hungry ;)))


hahah yes yes yes :)


Good :))

If I wasn't so bad at pastry, I would try to make these.


haha its not too hard trust me :)

very delicious...

Looks good. I'd like to have one.


:)) thank you!!

Welcome to Steemit :)
I follow u, follow me back if u want lot of fun and amazing picture every day.

I really want to eat ..



look yummy.

Thanks for this nice recipe :)


you are welcome ;)


Have a nice day :)

Looks very tasty. I will try this one. Thanks for sharing.


heheh :)) you should!

I always get hungry when I see you posts.




heheheh :))) i try!!!


Very informative post. I love quality posts.



im gonna try the fok out of this. thanks!


hehe thanks ;)

izskatas ljooti garshiigi , iespejams uztaisisim brivdienas :)


paldies ;)) java garshigi!!!

Wow, looks yummy we have a dessert called Qatayef looks like this , but i will try this soon thank you ;)


heheh ooh really! thats cool!!

Say cheese and take a bite. :-)

These look so yummy. I shall give this a try and have it with my coffee or I could even do it at 'tea time.'


heheheh gahh ;)) thank you!!

Looks delicious @allasyummyfood ! So you're from the Ukraine?