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Looking for new BRUNCH IDEAS? Look no further ;) 

Blini (Russian crepes) is absolutely my most favorite breakfast. Widely popular Russian dish, especially eaten during the Maslenitsa festival in Russia. 

All kinds of fillings are possible--sweet or savory. Thin layered Blini are also popular throughout a year, being served with different fillings and topped with sour cream or butter. 

The Russian word for blini is блины and alternative spellings include blintzes, bliny and blinchiki. 

2 cups or 500 ml of milk
3 Eggs
1 1/3 cups or 280 gr of flour
1-2 tbsp of Sugar
1 tsp of salt
3 tbsp of vegetable oil
Butter for greasing finished pancakes


Step 1 : Mix your eggs with sugar and salt. Add milk and mix again.
Step 2 : Add flour and oil and mix well. it will be nice and thin batter.
Step 3 : Add a bit of butter or oil into your pan. Pour one ladle of the pancake mixture an cook for few minutes on each side until cooked and golden.
Step 4 : Enjoy with sweet or savoury fillings! Yum!

Watch the video here: 



I hope you will be making these today or tomorrow for breakfast :)

Lots of Love, 

Alla xox

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Some folks in germany call them Blintzen, now I know that this is derived from blintzes.


heheheh yes its good :)))) its same thing i think !

Appears delicious, mmmmmmmmm


heheh its good you should try!!!

looks delishes


heheh thanks :)))




heheh such a cute emoji :)

Looks absolutely delicious. Wish I had some now!


heheh come over ;P

Hello my friend
Happy day for you and for every family
These desserts are beautiful
*** Happy day Please do not forget my support ****


aww thanks a lot!! love your support!

Seems delicious


it really is thanks :)

My mothers bliny are the best ones in the world :)


hahaha im sur they are :)

Well done, going to try shortly.


cool let me know`!!!

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yay amazing as always!!! :D

My children love pancakes very much, I also often cook them


yeah they are really good!!

Mmmmmm nice

Oh those look absolutely totally tasty @allasyummyfood


heheh glad you liked them :)