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Today I will show you how to make this refreshing cold summer soup called Holodnik. Holodnik is a cold borscht, but tangier. It has fresh crunchy vegetables, beautiful color and I love a bit of egg in there as well. 

Its truly a gorgeous soup! Its super healthy and great for your digestive system. If you like cold soups, then its a must try recipe and dont be scared of that beautiful colour! 

Vibrantly coloured Holodnik is a popular summer dish in Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia as well as Russia. The warm version of beetroot soup is called borscht.


3 medium beets

3-4 short green cucumbers 

handful of green onions and dill , chopped

1 litre of kefir or buttermilk

1 Tbsp grated horseradish or mustard

salt & pepper to taste

2-4 eggs

boiled cold water

lemon juice 2tbsp

sour cream 100 gr


Step 1 : Wash your beets, wrap in foil and roast in a 200 C oven for about 45 minutes, until cooked through -test by piercing with a sharp knife. Cool completely, then peel and grate.

Step 2 : Hard-boil the eggs, then cool under cold water. Peel and cut into half lengthwise.

Step 3: Wash the cucumbers, cut into small dice. Chop your dill and green onions.

Step 4: In a large bowl, place the beetroot with cucumber and add kefir. Mix well, then add horseradish or mustard, salt and pepper. Add your eggs, green onion and dill with lemon juice, mix well and taste. Place in a fridge for few hours. 

Step 5 : Serve very cold, topping each portion with a boiled egg half or two. This soups keeps well in the fridge for a day or two.

Watch the video here:

Lots of love,

Alla xoxo

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Lovely color!! Looks so appealing!

Has a bit of a ramen touch to it.

Thanks for sharing! :D


heheh yeah maybe cos of the egg right ? hehe


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Yum yum yum! Looks great!

I will try this here in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing!


heheh yeah do it :)

That is the fanciest Pepto-Bismol I have ever seen. I'm sure this soup tastes much better! ;)


hahah yes it really is soo yummy!!! and very unusual i guess :!)


It totally does look like that, lol.

Would love to try this!

beautiful colours.

I've never tried anything like this before, but love beetroot so loving the idea of it :-) Great to see you on Thursday xxxxx


heheh oh you totally should!!! its so healthy!! yes I'm planning to post it tomorrow or tonight!!xxx

I wonder what that taste like?


its fresh and crunchy and creamy!!


The color look great , am sure that it will taste good too...

Another fantastic recipe!Love it. Can't wait for the next one!


this one is perfect for summer :)


So true! :)

Always good reading your posts. Congrats again on the new benchmark of followers. Wish you all the best for the next benchmark. Will be around to see it through! Cheers!

#upvoted #follow4follow

Um can you make like ox tail soup or spicy curry yum! yum! Aloha Al

I generally don't eat things that are...that colored, lol. Is this meant to be an appetizer or the whole meal?

Edit. I forgot to include that I once made miso soup with gochujang in it and it turned out similar in color. My parents made me throw it away. :(


its all natural, its beetroot :D hahah its amazing!!

se la hare a mi baby. Gracias Alla

looking delicious thanks for sharing

I have never tried this. Two of my sisters are Ukrainian, so I make borscht often, but not holodnkik. I shall give it a go!!


ooh no way!! thats sooo cool!!! yeah u will like it!!

What a unique dish! definitely going to give it a try... I love beetroot!!! no doubt it is absolutely amazing!! Thanks for sharing!


yeah beetroot is so healthy and good for you! :) i love it as well!

Aukstā zupa tiešām ir nr1 ēdiens vasarā ✌️
Varētu visu vasaru pārtikt tikai no aukstās zupas. Forši @allasyummyfood ka izglīto visus vienkāršu ēdienu pagatavošanā. Paldies, Tev par to 🌎😎


paldies :)) loti prieciga ka tev patika :)

Never seen anything like that before,but i do like beetroot and it seems very healthy might give it a try.

:) love the color

I love cold soup. It's misrepresented in the soup world. :)


yes it really is and you could make it vegan as well!! ;) just watched a documentary called what the health on netflix... really wish i could maintain being vegan!


I need to still watch that documentary. I'm going to do that today while I catch up on my steem :)

I love Borscht, I've never tried this though, but if it's anything like Borscht I'd say would be delicious!


hehehe :)) you should!

Mmmmm yummy! Such vibrant colors! Thank you.......


hehe yes i love these colours!

Looks delicious ..


wow....can you describe what it taste like? I am curious now..never had pink soup :) upvoted!


its fresh and crunchy and creamy!!


sure looks that way :)

Wow that is a gorgeous looking bowl of soup. Such vibrant colors. And it sounds yummy and healthy. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


heh thanks ;)

I've nevere tried cold soup🤔 Looks interesting, like it!

Wow, mezzzzmerized by these colors! Hard boiled duck egg over here in the house! Substitute chives for the green onions? Or garlic scapes? YUM. Can't wait to try.


hahah yes you can :)))


hahah yes you can :)))

yes! a foodie! You can expect to see some vegan food posts from me @ascensionspace as well! <3


wow we have so many vegans here on steemit hahah!

Looks Yummy! I wish I could try that out :P

Delicious...I love it.. Thanks for posting

I'm just intrigued about the color, it looks so inviting... at first site, i thought it was a strawberry desert.


hehe yeah it is! def not a dessert!

Wow! That's some amazing pinkness right there :D <3

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XOLODNIK Even it's mega popular in Poland I've tried it for the first time only last year. Love it. Tasty and refreshing soup......Talking about cold soup...

  1. Night out (Drinking)
  2. Morning ( Red Bull)
  3. Okrushka
    Imagine revolution in my stomach ....

hahahaha wow!! yes i have that soup as well!!! but i think i prefer holodnik :)

I'll bet, just by looking at it, that it tastes delicious. The egg is a nice touch.

Looks like tubby custard :) Great post

Thanks for the recipe! In the heat the most. Have you tried okroshka on kvass?

Hello great dish i want to try it

Alla could you be so kind to take a read on my Water Life Style Post?

Love your posts!

this is my personal favorite! I'm just waiting for a warm summer day now! :D


heheh yeah :) its not been the best summer here also!


are you also from Holland? :D

PINK soup 😍😍😍 Looks amazing, Ilove making smoothies and soups with beet root and will try this one for sure just without the eggs 😝

Very vibrant and beautiful color - I have been trying a lot more soups lately with my salads so this would make a fantastic addition to my diet. I especially like the addition of egg to the soup; an already nutritious recipe with beet and cucumbers becomes even more packed with protein thanks to the egg. And even more yummy!

Thanks for sharing this recipe Alla - it is always nice to have delicious recipes that are equally very good for you!

Always high quality , respect 🙂

I love beetroot :)