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Good morning my Stoodies!! Soo close to 4,000 followers, let's keep growing and I will have a special video with me and my sister when we reach that target!! Can't wait! Woo!!! 

How to make lemon souffle at home. This is a really easy lemon souffle recipe. 

Make this sweet and citrusy lemon soufflés for dessert. These individual souffles are easier to make than you might think. To help them rise properly, use upward brush strokes to butter the dishes. 

A classic lemon dessert! This is an old fashioned way of making them, egg whites are whipped until fluffy, then mixed with fresh lemon rind and lemon juice in this heavenly dessert. 

Decorate with icing sugar before serving. This makes from 6-8 desserts, depending on your ramekins!


4 eggs separated
1 large lemon, zested and juiced
50 gr of unsalted butter OR 1/4 cup
50 gr of flour OR 1/3 cup
250 ml of milk OR 1 cup
70 gr castor sugar OR 1/2 cup
Half of vanilla bean - can replace with vanilla extract


Step 1 : Preheat your oven to 180C /350 F. 
Step 2: Separate your egg whites from egg yolks into different bowls. 
Step 3 : Mix your flour and butter by hands to form a thick paste, then separate the paste into rough small pieces 
Step 4 : Place your milk with half of vanilla bean seeds into a pan and heat until it reaches boiling point, then turn down the heat. 
Step 5: Start dropping your butter-flour paste into the hot milk and whisk quickly, making sure there are no lumps. Repeat until your mixture thickens up and falls of the spoon. 
Step 6 : Add some lemon juice and zest into the mixture and mix well. Leave the mixture to cool down for 5 minutes. 
Step 7 : Add egg yolks one at a time and mix in quickly into the cooled mixture.
Step 8 : Whisk your egg whites and sugar in a separate bowl.Make sure your bowl is clean and free of fat. 
Step 9 : Mix your egg whites with the mixture slowly and gently. You don't want to knock out too much air. Once its all mixed in place the mixture into a large piping bag. 
Step 10 : Get your prepared ramekins - they should be buttered and then coated with sugar before you put the mixture in. Fill your ramekins 2/3 of the way, leaving the space for them to rise. 
Step 11 : Place hot boiling water into the baking dish and place straight into the oven to bake for 20-25 min until golden and risen in size. Sprinkle some icing sugar.
Step 12 : Serve immediately and enjoy straight away, as they do tend to go down very quickly. 

Lots of love,

Alla xox

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Wonderful, you will reach the target and pass it very soon, your good at what your doing that is why so many people are following you. They want to learn a lot from you. The lemon souffle look like something that will be very rich. The instructions on how to make it is well detailed. Weldon@allasyummyfood. Your doing a great job. Keep it coming.


heheh thanks so much:))) really glad you liked it :)) x

I just finished with my lunch and would love some amazing Alla's lemon souffle for dessert :)


heheh yeah its perfect!! fresh !!

Very nice recipe. Thank you for shearing such a delicious recipe.l must try it in my home. Good day


Good day. I think I am going to stop visiting your blogs - all the deserts I see around me are paling in comparison. I can not risk the wrath of my corner shop bakery which I have patronized for years - after I turned up my nose on the deserts on display there (because my mind has now been corrupted by your lovely recipes) , the owner was positively mad at me. LOL Just kidding. I will keep visiting your blogs.

I have posted a blog about an Orange Moon today and Sarus Cranes yesterday. Please take a look if interested. I would love to get your comments. Thanks


heheh :))) sorry I'm corrupting you!! :)))


No need to say sorry O great food artist. All art corrupts but the important thing is that art also inspires and elevates at the same time. :)

Wow, this looks fantastic. I love that you made a citrus version of it rather than a more standard chocolate version. I think what I most like about souffles is that they have an amazing soft texture inside. I actually find your clear ramekins to be interesting. I like how they show the edges of the souffle compared to the standard white ceramic ones.


hehe yeah summer is here, i thought its better to share lemony stuff! :)) so hard to take pictures of them,a s they go down!!

Wow~~, It looks really delicious. The expression is very good.

Really Best lemon.dont forget to revote me friend. Lets sharing vote

Tasty. Mouth watering recipe.


thank you ;)

Yet another excellent recipe, thank you for sharing...can't wait for that special video with your sister. Have a great day ahead


heheh thanks so much :)) yes soon!!

It looks greet!

I made these and there was some batter left so i placed it on ceramic bowls. We ate those first (delicious) and left the pretty lemon bowls to be eaten lastly. The first spoon was ok, a little acidic, but ok, the rest was so acidic we had to throw them out :(
There was even a big lemon wich i took all the pulp out and was letf with nothing but the shell that was so bitter my throad still hurts and i only had a few bites that weren't even close tho the shell. I searched for other similar recepies and they are made using the ceramic bowls that i used for the batter that was left



hahah it looks pretty thou!!! :) hahah yeah i think its better!


awwww thanks for your appreciation

Alla they are so fluffy i wanna...
Eat them.. :3

If you could only send us them souffles right now.. @u@


heheh yeah they are really fluffy!!!

Good luck to 4000 followers!!


thank youuuuu!!!!

Idk if i just havent read it before, but are you a professional cook by any chance? every single thing you make just looks magnificent


hehehe :) im a hobby cook!! but yeah i would like to think I'm quite good :P hehehe

Looks delightful and shared to my page.

My dear! Grandma is getting a hedic from all the stuff I put in front of her to make...


You always do this to me...
giphy (12).gif



hahahah :))) aww thanks so much!!! i saw that!!




See you around:)

can you be my Mom please

Wow lemon is good combination.
thank you for sharing

Looks good, I'm hunggry now. Thanks for sharing 100 % upvited from @chanthasam


thanks a lot my friend!!

OMG this really looks tasty! I'm gonna try this tonight, this seems like a failry easy recipe which is good for me because i'm not the greatest cook but i'm still learning each day! especially because of people like you @allasyummyfood and other food bloggers, thanks!


yeah you can def do this one!!

What a delicious looking recipe once again! Beautiful pictures :-)


thanks so much my darling!!

I am always a fan of lemon pies and lemon cakes but a lemon souffle sounds divine and I bet it tastes even more magical coming fresh from Alla's kitchen! I dig the addition of icing sugar on top - makes them look a lot like powdered donuts mmmmm! I think as soon as I see them golden and rise, I'll dive right on top of them straight away! Amazing recipe - thanks Alla!

Looks sooooo soft. Makes me think of clouds.

Hope you get yo 4000 very soon.


yaaaahhh we are on our way! thanks!!

Looks good, when i look to these lemons i can feel my saliva gathers under my tongue lol


heheh oh really, cos its sour? :P

good morning, looks delicious


thanks so much!!

Thanks for sharing this! I just upvoted you

YES, I got two lemons left haha !! Gonna try it, I hope my wife likes it))


do it ;)) she will I'm sure!!

Lemon is very healthy hence will always like to add it to my food.
Look great, will give it a try. Thanks


hehe glad to hear that ;) enjoy!


Welcome and feel free to join and eat some yummy yummy

I will have a special video with me and my sister when we reach that target!! Can't wait! Woo!!!

Will we see dance, or song, or double cooking? Or maybe cooking in a dance under singing?! O_O
Can't wai...


hahahah yeah maybe whoo knows :P

that look delicious

Hey Alla. I wanted to say thank you so much.
You prepare some really good food. Taking inspiration, I've tried to do a food blog for the first time and it worked really well!
I hope you do check it out and maybe try to cook it as well! :P
Let me know if you do. Cheers! :D


aww thanks so much for kind words!!! i will have a looK!

This look sooooo tasty ^^

Again you knock your pictures and recipe out fo the park woohoo awsome job ❤❤❤, resteemed

This what I like have in morning And one good tea too ;)) good post :)

I must say, I love the quality of the pictures in your posts. Really awesome stuff. Keep up the quality content @allasyummyfood. What camera are you using?


thank you so much :) i use gh3 :)


Nice. Is that a Lumix? Are you using any filters?


i think i did my own settings for the pictures you can adjust how much saturation/ lights ect !


Nice. Well, keep those setting because things are looking strong :) And hey, I also just made latest post :) looks like a good time to create content :P

Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. Love it.

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that's seems to be delicious in addition they are pretty beautiful thanks a lot for sharing it and keep on posting ;)

I like that it is easy.

Thank you for sharing this recipe, i am thinking what snack to prepare for my 3 ladies tomorrow and here you are withis this lemon souffle post! 😄😄😄


glad you liked it!!

:0 oohhhh

These look amazing! And congrats on your following! Happy to be a part of it ღ ღ ღ

Holy cow! That looks so good!

I love the glass you made the soufflé in you can really see how it rose! One of my favourite sweets when done well! Hey thanks @allasyummyfood
I'll keep sending followers your way
@ch00fy - foodie

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