Yangzhou Fried Rice China Foods Made By Foody Point

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Yangzhou Fried Rice China Foods Made By Foody Point


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Yangzhou Chinese fried rice may be a present dish as regards to everyplace Chinese food is served—even the yank selection. It's maybe the foremost common type of Chinese fried rice there is: a paper of shiny grains, chunks of egg, ham, peas, and shrimp. within the States, it is a adorned carb that matches nicely within greasy takeout containers and might even be found twirling on the lazy Susans of admirer institutions.

According to native Chinese legend, the dish was a favourite of Emperor rule of the Sui family line. once he visited contemporary Yangzhou, he reportedly introduced the dish to town. Others claim that the plate of rice really originated from the Cantonese-speaking region of Kuangchou, wherever it arose throughout the Qing. The latter makes additional sense, because the majority of Chinese restaurants within the States area unit of Yue dialect origin. however, the history of the dish remains obscure.

Curious about the origins of this rice, I took on a daily basis trip to Yangzhou to work it all out. Yangzhou is found within the central space of the Jiangsu Province. it's perpetually been a land of wealth; it accustomed be a significant commerce center for salt, rice, and silk up till the nineteenth century. Today, it's better-known regionally for its quaint gardens and internationally for its Chinese fried rice. All of the restaurants with pride advertise the dish on their menus


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