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Growing up within the coastal state of state, India, i used to be lucky to own access to the most effective of food within the country (yes, I’m biased!). Fish curry and rice could be a staple meal in state, terribly near to my plan of an ideal meal! Taking this humble meal many notches higher, is that the Goan fish thali – a platter of types – that invariably comes with a chunk of deep-fried fish, a bowl of fish curry and many vegetable sides, pickles and a biological process drink created with coconut milk. A Goan fish thali is nothing wanting heaven on a platter.

This South Bharatn Fish Curry could be a deference to any or all the regional fish curry recipes that area unit thus distinctive and special to southern elements of India. The gravy base could be a opus of spices, tomatoes, coconut milk, and therefore the tempering, that is adscititious once the fish is simmered within the gravy, borrows from the fashion of preparation in Kerala (where my family originates from). Typically, a south Indian fish curry contains a spoiling agent adscititious to the gravy, which might disagree from region to region. for instance, in Goa, a usually used spoiling agent is ‘kokum’ that lends a spirited chromatic color to the dish and makes it tart additionally. In Kerala, ‘Kudampuli’ is usually wont to the same impact. In many elements of Bharat, tamarind is employed to lend a tart-sourness to curries. you'll select a spoiling agent that's simply offered to you and, you’re well on your thanks to creating the fish curry of your dreams!

The Fish

As I sleep in a land-locked country, my best bet for fish is found within the frozen aisle of my native grocery. I used hake fillets for this formula, ideally you must take associatey flaky white fish with a light style (cod is additionally an option). If I were living in Bharat, i might have used kingfish steaks for this curry. Use fish that's regionally offered and doesn’t have an overwhelming style.

The Gravy

 The gravy for this dish is wherever all the flavour lies. begin by create a paste of onions, ginger, garlic and a inexperienced hot pepper in an exceedingly mixer. Sauté the paste in some oil in an exceedingly heavy-bottomed vessel with high sides. Add tomato puree or canned tomatoes and cook on a coffee flame, stirring the gravy so It doesn’t keep on with all-time low. Season with red flavoring and turmeric powder and add coconut milk. At this stage, i prefer to use a stick mixer to mix the gravy so it's sleek (this is associate elective step). Now, add your spoiling agent – I used kokum, however you'll use tamarind additionally. Season with salt and add the thawed fish fillets and allow them to simmer within the gravy till they're medium. Finally, add the tempering that produces this curry sing with flavour.


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