Friday Party ! Absinth Shots and BBQ !!

in #food4 years ago

Hello Steemians !

Due to some personal priorities I was busy  and have't posted anything last month. Today I would like to share some shots of Friday party at my friend's home !

Started with Old Durbar ! A Domestic whiskey good in taste .

Chicken on  BBQ stand !

Had some shots of Absinth ! Awesome in taste ! It was my first experience with Absinthe .

Snacks ! Papad and Prawn.

Marinated Chicken !

Marinated Pork meat !

Marinated Sausage !

Measuring temperature by thermometer to ensure BBQ is well cooked !

Finally my choice : Beer ! This is German brand beer recently launched here in Nepal. 

Thank you so much !

Happy Steeming !


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Hope you enjoyed it ;)

Yes, Enjoyed a lot ! Many thanks my friend !

Looks nice and delicious :)

Thank you so much @hanen !

that is an awesome party you had there, @akkha :) ... Food and drinks look inviting and yummy !
Have fun !

Yeah, we enjoyed a lot ! Thank you so much !!

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