More Than Delicious

in food •  last year

Instan noodle is a best choice when you get a feels like.....hungry midnight! :D
This food is very very easy to make and dont asked about the taste? Its delicious taste, of course!

I know that consumed an instan noodles is not better for safe your health. But, this case just if you eat this always and everyday. Manage your food and keep your healthy is the best rules for giving you long life. So, before i eat the noodles, i think put in some vegies is briliant idea to completed the nutrition, and i feel its become better for healthy and happy to consumed!

And! Not only about healthy. Put in some vegies in the noodles can increased delicious taste more. Believe me. Its fact!

Indomie, best flavour noodles!


When im not hungry. I can sleep well.


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You buat buat i am lapar @ainunukhalid😣😄


Wkwkw 😆 itu goalnya @na2