Playing regular fast food is a problem in pregnancy....

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The women who regularly take fastfood but eat less, they can be in trouble while pregnant. A new study has said.

After a study on 5598 women, those who do not eat fastfood compared to those who eat fastfood four or more times per week, they take at least one month to get pregnant.

The study has come out that it takes more time to contain their children.

Experts say it proves that eating good foods increases the chance of pregnancy.

Women in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland were asked, what kind of food they had eaten a few months before their first child was born.

Researchers have found that women who have consumed less than three fruits a month, they take more than one and a half months longer than normal fertility in pregnancy.

They found that those who eat less fruit or eat fast food, many of them could not conceive despite trying throughout the year.

However, if the male partner of any couple is taking the liberty treatment, they were not included in the study.

Professor Clary Roberts of the University of Adelaide, the head of the research team, says, "This observation says that if you avoid good quality foods and avoid fast food, then the chances of pregnancy increase and can be born quickly."

However, many criticize it, saying that a few foods were taken into consideration in this study. But pregnancies may have many other effects.

The information was not collected even about the father's food. Still, this study has great importance, experts say.

Professor Jino Paccorro of the University of Queensland says, "The health experts around the world think that this research has only supported that couples who want children, healthier foods can be helpful for them."

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The fast food diet is very bad for health

Yes of course you did.. and I remember you askeing too.

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