How the Keto Diet Plan helped me to get rid of my sugar habit

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Pre-keto, without anything sweet, no meal was complete. A dramatic change in diet was aimed at taming my sugar-addicted palate and keeping down the numbers on the scale.

Pre-keto, without anything sweet, no meal was complete. A dramatic change in diet was aimed at taming my sugar-addicted palate and keeping down the numbers on the scale.

I never encountered a candy bar that I didn't like. I finished each meal with a little bit of sweetness for years. People knew the way to my heart during the holidays: peanut butter cups and marshmallows dipped in chocolate. I've been trying to balance this sweetness for years
A tooth with my weight loss efforts—which was all right until it wasn't. It was then that, as my weight grew, I turned to a radical new plan that not only healed my sweet tooth but also helped me to shed more pounds than I thought possible. And it's been easy.

I counted calories before I discovered the keto diet plan. With the help of exercise, I even managed to drop 60 pounds. Then I noticed that my pants were just a little too tight for comfort last summer. I knew something was going to have to change. I knew I had to cut sugar as sad as I was to admit it. But I also knew it was just getting rid of The sweet stuff wouldn't work in the long run—I'd give in to cravings eventually. I needed something to reset my eating habits completely. I've decided on a ketogenic diet plan—make sure you know that before you start your own keto diet.

The keto diet plan is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet (keto is short for ketogenic). Only 20 grams of carbs per day are allowed, which leaves no room for many fruits and vegetables— and sweets and starches are completely off limits. Fat and protein, such as beef and cheese or chicken and avocados, are your main food sources. On the keto diet, you hijack the preferred fast energy source of your body, carbohydrates, and force your body to begin to convert stored fat into energy. Actually, this metabolic process burns fat from your hips, thighs, belly, and organs (fat liver, someone?). So dramatically, the keto diet plan cuts carbs that your body has no choice but to turn to your fat stores.

I decided to start on a Monday, and the carbs were out just like that keto. The keto diet plan's first week wasn't easy. Every evening I was still craving chocolate. I also had the fearful "keto flu" in about 48 hours. It's because of a lull of energy because your body is switching from carbon fuel to fat. I felt tired, unfocused, sluggish. But incredibly, what I felt wasn't hungry. The cravings stopped just like that. Fat and protein that are very filling digest more slowly than carbohydrates; this meant that at mealtime I wasn't hungry. Here's what else on the keto diet can happen to your body.

The keto flu fog lifted about four days later, and I felt more energetic and focused than I felt in years. I lost 15 pounds over the next seven weeks and slid back into the pants easily, which had been too snug two months earlier. But the biggest change came with my sweet tooth control. Everyone Doughnut or cookie that I found was a challenge — but it was also a simple decision: eat too many carbs and my body would fall out of ketosis. I'd have to restart the entire process. Is it really worth it? The answer was simple: No.

I feared that one bite would unleash a wave of uncontrollable sugar cravings when I finally ate sugar again — the holidays. Luckily, the opposite happened: I took a bite and discovered how much my palate had changed. I wasn't able to eat cake. I barely had a bite finished.

Keto helped me achieve my two main goals: I jumped my weight loss and tamed the monster of sugar that had ruled me for years. I've also learned a useful trick. If I want chocolate — and these cravings sometimes come — I can Happily snack on a square of ultra-dark chocolate (88% cacao or higher) and soothe my once-insatiable sweet tooth's call in a mostly healthy manner. Thinking of starting your own keto diet? Look at this beginners keto diet guide to get you started.

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