A Day in Sapporo: Ramen Hopping

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I was somewhere around Susukino slipping and sliding on frosted concrete when the hunger kicked in. As I walk past random strangers, I can't help but notice their thick and warm looking winter boots while curiously staring at me in my tennis shoes as if to say: “Hey moron, it’s winter and there’s a blizzard out. Why are you wearing those!?”

Ramen Alley
Ramen Alley

My toes were numb past the point of frostbite, it felt like a thousand needles were fired at every exposed skin in my body, and all I can think of is Ramen!

Hot, delicious, and savory Ramen!

My affair with Ramen started during my college years. I would decorate and garnish cheap Top Ramen with various toppings to where it became an art of sorts.

Raumen Yokocho
Raumen Yokocho

I figured that topping the sodium and preservative rich junk food would make it somewhat palatable and delay heart attacks long enough for me to get me through college to afford the medical bills. Fast forward a few years later, I still haven’t had a cardiac arrest from the college diet and can now afford my second holiday to Japan.

Shio Ramen
Shio Ramen

I’ve also graduated to real Ramen and became somewhat of a connoisseur. While here braving a blizzard in Hokkaido, I stumbled upon Sapporo Ramen Yokocho.

Shoyu Ramen With Seafood
Shoyu Ramen With Seafood

But it’s no accident I found this place, it came as a recommendation from the hostel I stayed at in the Red Light district. I know what you're thinking. The red Light district, Uh-huh. Just what the heck are you doing there Adonis? Let me explain. By sheer accident I came by this place, it was the cheapest one I could find, I swear, no funny business!

Sapporo Ramen Yokocho

Or simply called Ramen Alley, is a famous spot in Susukino. It is said to be the birthplace of my Miso Ramen (my favorite) and here the cream of the crop rises to the top....or better yet a terminator, like Arnold...Schwar....Terrible House of Pain reference, sorry! The ground zero, the base at which every Ramen bowl defines itself is the broth, and the rich creamy broth of Miso Ramen is so delicious it will leave you licking every last drop from your bowl.

Ramen With Abalone
Ramen With Abalone

Topped with slightly fatty slices of melt-in-your-mouth slow roasted pork belly with perfectly boiled soft yolk egg? You have yourself a Ramen bowl made in heaven. Ramen so good it melted the frostbite out of my frozen toes. I could eat Ramen at every meal for a month here in Sapporo and never run into to the same Ramen shop. They’re scattered throughout the city but there’s several packed in the Ramen alley and it behooves to pay it a visit should your travels take you to Sapporo.

If Miso Ramen isn’t down your alley, do not despair! There are plenty of Ramen choices in each shop and some will specialize in specific ones. There’s Tsuke-Men, Shio, Shoyu, Tonkotsu, and Wakayama – you have many Ramen to cater to your appetite so slurp your noodles away!

Ramen With Kakuni
Ramen With Kakuni

Ramen alley is at Chuo-ku, Sapporo 064-0808, Hokkaido, Japan.

By train Take the Nanboku line to Susukino Station. From there it's just a 2-minute walk south and to your left.


Ramen Hopping In Sapporo Japan

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I like the cornmeal

oh the food just looks too good 😊😊 ASIAN FOOD IS THE BEST

Lots of delicious dishes and so well photographed. I salivate.

I really loved your post. 😍😍

Was talking about Sapporo in a different thread...

There's plenty that Sapporo can offer: Odori Park, Moerenuma Park, a walk in the Hokkaido University campus, Asaichi morning market, Shiroi Koibito Park, Sapporo Beer Factory Tour, Okurayama Ski Jump ramp, Shopping near Sapporo Station, Nightlife in Susukino, etc.

Be sure to eat Sapporo food: Ramen, Jingisukan (lamb grill/yakiniku), Seafood (how about kaisendon, sashimi on bowl of rice?), Butadon (pork rice bowl)

I was there in the dead of winter and just missed the Ice festival - definitely one to check out!

Oh my God, I love Ramen, for me the most delicious Chinese dish that exists, if I could eat it every day, I was a very happy woman, thank you for showing me that delicious food.

I believe it's Japanese but they probably took the idea from the Chinese Chow Mein.

Actually Ramen = Laimen in Chinese, which means pulled noodle........
Japanese people like to roll their "Ls" which turns to"Rs" lol!

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Wow beautiful, well done on the photos .. a wonderful experience
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Nice photography cool post .god bless you plz support

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yo,i like dirty soup.😄

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yummmy i am food lover :*

Beautiful food and photographey.

Is the food testy enough?

Fantastic work with this one,kudos.

@adonisabril thanks for this beautiful post, could you tell me, what kind food are available there? are they all non-veggie dishes or veg. dishes are also available there?

looking so yummy. very testy food ,mouth watering. post is very good about food .raman is type of noodles isn"t it? looking beautiful place susikino.any way thanks.

Ramen? Seafood? Pork belly? Yes, please!

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Good sharing. Successful people in terms of ideas.

After reading your delicious article, Ramen is definitely something I have to try. It looks so delicious. I've followed you and am looking forward to reading more food stories. Followed!

Great pictures and great soup :) Alway's when I was in Japan I eated Ramen, but I dont remember name of restaurant... But it was in Machida, not Sapporo.

very many tourists who visit to japan surely they stop to sappong ramen to honolulu, although they have to travel 5 hours by fast train hokkaido singkanseng arrived at the location

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All these pictures make me hungry..................I am liking this article!

One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well.

Good post thanks

Wow it’s looks very nice ...

It looks so delicious love ramen so much, and like your pics a lot the colors looks so on point!

Tounge is full with water to see your menu. It looks so tasty. Thanks for sharing.

Oh god! these looks awful but maybe they taste good.

Wow.... It is looking so yummy but I am feeling a little bit sad because I can't eat it ;(

I am vegetarian and Thank you so much for sharing such a delicious recipe.....
feel free to read my blogs and give me your feedback It will helpful for me...
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Very nice delicious, yummy, mouth watering picture of food the taste will also be equally good once prepared

I can spent a whole life by eating ramen noodles

There are so many types of Ramen that Japan has to offer. Sapporo Ramen (札幌ラーメン) is definitely one of a kind. If you get a chance to explore more in Hokkaido, you will not regret it (in terms of ramen hunting).

Speaking of Ramen alley, you should definitely go check out Kyoto Ramen Koji whenever you have a chance to be in Kyoto.

Great post!

I wish to go there one day

I'm a huge ramen fan. We were just in Japan - the best one I had had a yuzu broth. Soooo tasty. Your post made me hungry!

Pls don't post such pic's ;-) can't resist

delicious , pork pork

That looks delicious!!!

Very cool post. Ramen in Japan oh how I envy you. Nice job on the post. Please take a look at my latest food review.

Tiene buen aspecto y se ve deliciosa! un plato verdaderamente fuerte!

Wow that ramen looks amazing. Do you live in Japan?

I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

Very good food looks nutritious good job friend thanks for sharing

Ramen is such a common meal in Japan but I love how every province does it slightly different, the shrimp for example here!

looks yummy
hope i eat it once

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The food looks appetizing, although I have not tried any of it ..
Great photo!
Great post!

Oh My God ,, miso ramen ☺ food like on my country

adonisabril really nice Desh photo

Ramen, my favourite food. Slurping down all that salty broth is such a guilty pleasure.

I like veg food, non veg are oowwac

beautiful food

Looks delicious....

This has just been added to my bucket list. I love Ramen and traveling, would love to do a Ramen hop and look for the best Ramen around.

Have you tried Ichiran? Now that's one ramen store worth trying out. :)