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My name is Adigun Beauty,am from Nigeria Oyo State. I will like to give you some tips on one of our favourite soup called *EWEDU.


image esteem

*One bunch of ewedu leaves

  • half tea spoon of potash
  • Blended crayfish
  • iru
  • salt to taste
    *Pick the leaves from the stem and wash.
  • put in a pot, add water and set on fire and allow boil, add
    the potash and boil further for few minutes.
    *mash with a broom till it becomes as if it was blended.
    *Add crayfish, salt and iru
  • boil for few seconds and bring down.
    Serve with Amala and accompany with buka stew.
    Note: there is a special broom for ewedu, you can get it by cutting off the top of a new broom

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