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Ogbono soup

Hello everyone welcome to my blog,as you all know I blog on food. So today I decides to write on another Nigeria soup,which you will like to try one day called OGBONO
Stock fish
Palm oil
Cray fish
Dry fish
Knor cube
Dry pepper
Ugu leaves (optional)
Salt to taste
Blend your ogbono and set aside, make sure you get a good and trusted ogbono, some are not the real ogbono hence will make the soup dark in colour and it won't give the that ogbono texture
Boil your meat with only salt and maggi cubes.
Half way boiling your meat add dry fish and stock fish this will help them to completely release their flavour into the soup and continue boil till your meat is tender
Step 2
*When your meat is properly boiled, add more water to cook the soup.

  • melt your ogbono in warm palm oil, then add to the boiling water. If you are not sure of the quantity of water to add, start with little and add more as it boils, but it must be hot water.


Note: ogbono is very tricky it may seem too thick at the beginning but don't rush to add more water as the thickness will be reduce as you continue cook.
Do not cover the soup at any point as it will make it (ogbono)flat. You lower your heat as it cooks Ingredients burning. Add crayfish and dry pepper
Continue cooking and stir at intervals and cook for about fifteen more minutes.
Taste and adjust the taste
Add ugu leaves and bring down.


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